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Saving costs on mobility: how do you do that?

posted on 4/6/2020

The corona crisis and the measures to contain the virus have a major impact on daily life and the economy. These are uncertain times and most companies face considerable financial challenges. Sales decline and continuous, or even additional costs have an impact on the financial position of many companies. Saving on costs is more important than ever. As part of our #StartTheRestart approach, Alphabet likes to think along and has put together some opportunities for you.


Contract extension

Increasing delivery times and uncertainty can be good reasons to extend contracts that expire shortly. In addition, this also gives a direct advantage in many cases and you can postpone the decision on a new long-term obligation until this is better. Please contact your sales contact for this purpose.


Flexible long-term leasing

In these uncertain times you may want to wait to order a new lease car. Or maybe you unexpectedly need extra transport? For this we have several flexible mobility solutions. Take, for example, a temporary rental car that is readily available or a short lease of up to 18 months. Alphabet Rent is full in business and can deliver a rent or short lease car at work or at home. Discover the Alphabet Rent offer here


TCO optimization

As a mobility expert, Alphabet has the necessary consulting services to analyse the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your fleet with you. Based on this, we can work together to see how to optimize the cost of your fleet for the future. Contact us if you are interested in making this exercise together.

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