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Driving electric with Alphabet; what can you expect?

posted on 18/6/2021

Sustainable mobility alternatives are becoming increasingly important for businesses, as the greening of fleets is being promoted and stimulated from all angles. The Belgian government, for example, decided that from 2026 onwards, companies will only receive a tax deduction for the electric vehicles in their fleets. Also, more and more drivers indicate that they would like to switch to electric driving sooner rather than later. Making the switch to electric driving isn’t a must just yet, but it will be in the near future.

But making the switch to electric driving isn’t always a simple one. It often requires businesses to make the necessary adjustments. Adjustments that one needs to be well informed about.

Therefore, we collected everything you need to know about driving electric with Alphabet in this blog post. What can you expect?


What does driving electric with Alphabet entail?

At Alphabet, we offer you a complete service regarding electric driving, from e-mobility consulting to electric leasing and other flexible solutions. With our electric offering, we offer you a swift route to sustainability. 


E-mobility consulting

If you’re thinking about making the switch to electric driving, you can use our driver driving profile tool to get an indication of whether or not it is a good idea for your business to actually make the switch.

Using a set of simple yet essential questions, the tool gives you advice based on the general driving profile of your drivers. This way, you instantly know whether it is interesting enough for your business to partly or completely make the switch.

Our driver driving profile tool focuses on two important aspects:

  • your daily commute and/or that of your drivers
  • the possibility to charge your electric vehicles


Electric leasing

Using the information and insights we gather from our tools, we are able to offer you a custom mobility solution.

With this solution, we help you seamlessly integrate electric vehicles into your fleet and reduce your business’ carbon footprint. Additionally, we also make sure that there is an optimal balance between costs and tax benefits.

Furthermore, we install the necessary charging infrastructure at your and/or your employees’ homes via our charging infrastructure partners. If you have an energy contract that provides you with 100% green energy, you can drive and charge emission-free with Alphabet.


Personal advice for a sustainable fleet

Using our tools, we can give you substantiated recommendations regarding the electrification and greening of your fleet. But our services go way beyond giving recommendations. 

At Alphabet, you can also choose to receive more detailed advice based on your situation. One of our experts/consultants will then guide you through the entire eMobility process and put together a personalised mobility plan based on:

  • the mobility parameters that are important to you (price, pay-off, sustainability);
  • your business’ and employees’ mobility needs;
  • the most recent fiscal legislation. 

Additionally, you can also trust our experts with the management of your fleet and the follow-up of your business’ car/mobility policy. 


Convincing your employees to switch to an EV

Deciding whether or not to integrate EVs in your fleet is not something you do alone. You also have to take into account your employees’ opinion, as they will also have to make the switch to electric driving. 

At Alphabet, we can help you convince your employees by making a profile analysis of their driving behaviour. For example, if the majority of your employees (≥80%) drive less than 50 km/day, then any EV qualifies for their daily commute. Is the average daily commute of your employees more than 50km/day? Then we also have an EV or other electric vehicle available with a sufficient driving range for every budget category.


Let your employees experience electric driving for themselves

One of the best ways to convince your employees to start driving electric is by letting them experience it for themselves. 

Let them drive an EV for a couple of days. This way, they can find out for themselves what it is like to drive electric and how the charging process works. 

This personal experience often helps to take away any final doubts and give more insight into the comfort that EVs offer.


Add-on mobility

Do you or your employees occasionally need to make longer trips? Then you can also add our Add-on mobility option to your lease contract.

With this option, a small amount of your mobility budget is set aside each month. You can then use this part of your budget to lease another car (at least for one day) whenever you want, for both professional and private purposes.


A (predominantly) electric fleet? imec put it to the test!

To conclude this blog post, we would also like to share with you one of our clients’ EV test projects. 

A while ago, the employees of our client imec tested out the MINI-electric for a whole week. Lore Haegemans, Mobility Manager at imec, told us more about the employees’ experiences, which were unanimously positive.  

“Since our test week, the number of EVs at imec has doubled. Our fleet currently consists of 24% fully electric cars, a percentage which we expect will only increase further. Out of all cars that we have ordered and that are due to be delivered, 84% are electric. The Belgian mobility week has certainly played a part in this.

We also noticed that information about electric driving was crucial. Our employees were very enthusiastic about Alphabet’s info session during the mobility week. Afterwards, we received almost no additional questions. The questions we receive now pertain more to practical matters, such as “when do I receive my SmartCable?” and ‘what does the installation process of the HomeCharger look like?”. Providing our employees with the right information remains very important for a smooth integration of EVs.

On top of that, we also notice that our employees who have switched to an EV are extremely happy that they did. As soon as they started driving electric, the initial ‘range anxiety’ that they had disappeared completely. Because of this positive reaction, more and more of our employees are considering switching to an EV as well. In other words: our EV test week was a great success!”


Want to know more about our EV services and offering

Would you like to know more about driving electric with Alphabet? Feel free to check out our other blog posts or to contact us. We’re happy to tell you more!

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