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In no time at all, the Alphabet App allows you to check the main details of your lease vehicle, consult your contracts and book mobility services. What exactly does this entail? As a driver, it means you always have access to your contract information and your digital insurance card, if the vehicle is insured via Alphabet. Moreover, if you have a Shell fuel card, you can soon pay contactless at the petrol station. In addition, you can easily track and update your mileage. And it is also possible to submit declarations for fuel via the app.

This and much more is available in the Alphabet App.

And it doesn't stop there. The development of new functionalities is an ongoing process. On this page, we will keep you informed about all (new) features.

So jump on board and have everything at hand via the Alphabet App!

Download the Alphabet App

Our all-new Alphabet app is here and we’d like to guide you through the extensive redesign. Let’s look at the improvements together and see how you can immediately benefit from using it.

Download the app here!

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Log in

Log in

You log in using your e-email address known to Alphabet.
If you are not familiar with this e-mail address, you may contact the Alphabet Driver Center at +32 3 459 54 30.

Problems signing in?
Here are some tips to prevent this:

  • Always download the latest version of the app. First completely remove the app from your device and then go to the app store again.
  • Make sure you log in with the e-mail address known to Alphabet.
  • Make sure you select the Belgian version of the app.
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Start page

Discover here each tab on the start page of the app.

In the "Home" tab, you can access the app's home page. Here you will find the most frequently used functions at the top and some shortcuts to other functions at the bottom.

In the "Profile" tab, you can go through your contract details, check which services are included in your contract, view information about your lease vehicle and consult your digital insurance card, if the vehicle is insured via Alphabet.

In the "Explore" tab, you can find all kinds of useful locations such as a service station, a bodyshop or a service partner.

Drivers are directed to the nearest of 1,000 authorised partner workshops. This saves time and expense, and you can also take advantage of many additional benefits – such as opening hours or telephone numbers of service partners. Make use of the filters.

Additional information can always be found under the "Help" tab.

Do you have a breakdown and need Alphabet Assistance? Do you have damage and want to fill in the damage form online?
These things and much more can be found in this tab.

You can find an overview here:

  • Alphabet Assistance
  • Contact
  • Theft
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Windscreen damage
  • Reporting damage
  • Lost/stolen fuel card
  • Alphabet Newsletter
  • Our range of used cars
  • Change your contact details?
  • Buy your lease vehicle?

alphabet app home



Contract data

With the Alphabet App, you can check your vehicle’s most important data, take a look at your contracts and book mobility services in no time. 

Here you can find an overview of the details in the tab "Profile":

  • Contract details
  • Access to lease information
  • Duration and mileage
  • Services included in lease contract

As a driver, you can also use the self-service function in the app to enter changes in your personal information. You can find this functionality in the tab "Help" at "Change your contact details?"

alphabet app profile


Expense declaration

If it has been agreed that you can claim certain personal expenses such as fuel on a company car managed by the app, this can be done in the Alphabet App.

It is easy and hassle-free via the shortcut in the "Home" tab under "In-app services" - if you don't see the function right away, swipe left. Just remember to take a photo of the receipts and attach them when you complete your claim.

alphabet app declaratie


Shell Smartpay

Coming soon!

alphabet app locations


Damage management

Have you been involved in an accident or had some misfortune? In just a few steps, you can report the damage and send photos of the scene and your vehicle. This feature can be found in the "Help" tab under "Reporting damage".

alphabet app schade


Insurance card and travelling abroad

If you are planning a journey abroad in your lease car you will require an insurance card. The Alphabet App enables you to easily generate your digital insurance card* and share it digitally on different channels.

Please don’t go away without:

  • Your driving licence
  • Your motor insurance certificate and insurance contact details
  • The vehicle registration document
  • Authorisation from your employer and/or the leasing company if you don't own the car
  • Your passport/ID card

*Service only available for contracts that are insured via Alphabet at Vivium

You can find the insurance card next to your contact details in the "Profile" tab.

alphabet app verzekeringskaart


Track your kilometres

Track your kilometres and have an overview of all your trips. For business, private and commuting kilometres.
You will find this function in the "Home" tab under "In-app services" - if you do not see it right away, swipe left.

alphabet app km


Update your mileage

The "Update mileage" functionality allows you to easily and quickly update your mileage via the app. You will find this function in the "Home" tab under "In-app services" - if you do not see the function right away, swipe to the left.

By updating your mileage in the app on a regular basis, Alphabet can briefly monitor your contract and thus also help you move on quickly if your current mileage should exceed the contracted mileage.

alphabet app update kilometers

Any additional questions?

Do you have additional questions about your contract, car, bike or mobility card, or are you experiencing problems with the Alphabet App? If so, please contact the Alphabet Driver Center at or via +32 3 459 54 30.