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Alphabet aims to be a high quality reliable service provider. This means that we take our responsibility towards people and the environment seriously. We do so in the belief that our business decisions should be consistent with the expectations and interests of our Customers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders. Only then can our company be successful.

1. Prevention

Primary prevention of emissions can be achieved by including electric cars in the fleet using Alpha Electric, Alphabet's eMobility solution or Alpha City, our Corporate Carsharing solution.

2. Reducing CO2 emissions

Climate change is no longer just about the environment. It is an economic, political and social issue with far-reaching consequences. Choices that companies and countries make affect human health, food supply and economic growth around the world. Alphabet intends to actively reduce its CO2 emissions. We are always looking for ways to incorporate the latest insights in the field of climate change in all our activities. This ranges from product development to risk management. Reducing our direct CO2 impact and the understanding of the indirect consequences of our activities remain a top priority in the coming years.

3. Compensation

Alphabet is committed to conducting its business responsibly. The environment is a fundamental part of this. For Customers, we develop sustainable products and services that help them reduce their impact on the environment and offset CO2 emissions. In this way, we limit the negative impact of driving on the environment and we save costs together.
Some examples of our 'green' services are:

  • EcoLease, including CO2 compensation: you can choose how 'green' your fleet is
  • Rent carbon neutral cars\
  • Tyres filled with nitrogen, including CO2 compensation
  • A Safety Program that gives drivers understanding of their role in traffic
  • The NS Business Card in conjunction with a leased vehicle: this allows you to always have the most sustainable mode of transport.