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Usefull information about our rental cars. 

Alphabet Assistance

Your travels are just as important as reaching your destination.       

We make sure that you enjoy comfort, our attention for details and persional service. That's why everything you need to know during the use of your rental car you can find here. Please let us know when you do mis something so that we can keep improve our services.

In case of special assistance or emergency we kindly ask you to please call our 24/7 emergency center +31 765 711 711.  

Vehicle registration certificate

You will find the vehicle registration certificate behind the sun visor on the driver's side.

Use of the car

Your partner, family members or
colleagues may drive the car provided
they have a valid driving license in
accordance with Dutch legislation.
Please ask your employer’s approval
first. Your rental car may not be used for
driving lessons, racing or skills driving.
In those cases, the car is not insured.
Smoking is not permitted in this rental
car. If smoking nevertheless takes place,
we will charge you the costs for smoke
cleaning of €250,- exclusive of VAT.


If you hire the car with the fuel option,
you will be using the Multi Tank card
(MTc). You can use this card as a
payment method to fill up or for adding
motor oil at automated petrol stations in
the Netherlands. If you fill up at a petrol
pump which is not linked to MTc, you pay
yourself and then charge the amount to
Alphabet (you can find more information
on You can also
submit your expenses via e-flex. For
more information, please contact your
fleet manager.
If you have lost your fuel card, please
notify Alphabet immediately so that
the card can be blocked. Outside office
hours, you can block your card yourself
via (‘logging in’ section).

PLEASE NOTE: You must request a
new card from Alphabet on the next
working day.


AlphaRent uses the official car dealer
for regular maintenance to your rental
car. You can contact a dealer for this
purpose directly. During a visit to the
garage, you can make use of the free
pick-up and delivery service. If desired,
you will be given access to a replacement
car. Always report an odometer defect
immediately to Alphabet. As the driver
of an AlphaRent rental car, you are
responsible for off ering your car on
time for legal inspections and/or brand
specifi c recall actions.
For information on the technical
specifi cations of your rental car, such
as tyre (pressure), oil level, fuel type,
etc., please see the instruction booklet
in the car.


Always report (window) damage within 24
hours online on
Select a repair company in your area and
make an appointment for repair directly
with them. After you have reported the
damage, you will receive an email
confi rming all the information relating to
your damage report. During the repair
period, you are entitled to replacement


In the folder, you will find the green card. Your rental car is comprehensively insured (WA-Casco), including personal accident
insurance for passengers. A trailer or caravan, provided hooked up to the car, is only third party liability insured (WA). You can find the full policy conditions on



In the event of a minor traffic violation, Alphabet receives the fi ne. Depending on the agreements with the employer, you will receive a copy of the fine by post or by email with a link to the digital
fine. You can pay a digital fine online with iDEAL. We do not charge administration costs for a digital fine settlement.

Foreign countries authorisation certificate

For Eastern Europe or North Africa, we
advise that you have a foreign countries
authorisation certifi cate. You can
request this from AlphaRent. If you are
not sure whether a foreign countries
authorisation certifi cate is required for
the country of your destination, please
contact AlphaRent in good time.

Return of the car

If you want to return the rental car,
you can check the car out online on You can also
contact an AlphaRent branch of your
choice by telephone. Return the car with
the accompanying vehicle registration
certifi cate, the key(s) and, if applicable,
the MTc card (without pin code).
Don’t forget to take all your personal
belongings from the car. To prevent
extra charges, please return the car in a
clean condition and with a full tank.


Easily navigate to petrol stations,
damage repair companies, charging
points and more with the aid of our
handy AlphaGuide app. If you incur
damage, you can report this quickly
and easily with AlphaGuide. So quickly
download the app! You can fi nd more
information on

Download our app here.


All our rental car are provided with a navigation. Please notice to delete all your privacy data when returning the car.

All season tires

All our rental car drive on all season tires. This way you are insured of safety and perfect grip. Also all our cars are Zo ben je elke seizoen verzekerd van grip en veiligheid op de weg. With these tires, our cars also comply with legal obligations when winter tires are required, such as in Germany and Austria.

Breakdown or damage?

If you suffer a breakdown or damage on your trip, you can contact our 24 hour control room at any time. Alphabet Assistance +31 (0)76 571 17 11

With Alphabet Assistance, additional
insurance against breakdowns for your
rental car is not necessary. We do advise
that you take out travel insurance for
foreign travel. Always take a credit card
with you when you go abroad. This is a
basic condition for international rental

In the Netherlands,
Alphabet Assistance takes care of:

  •  Emergency repairs or transport to a repair company
  • Transportation of yourself and your passengers (by taxi if required) to a joint end destination
  • Transportation of trailer or caravan.

Abroad, Alphabet Assistance
also takes care of:

  • Supervision of the repair at the repair company
  • Transportation to the place of destination or payment of travelling expenses (by train, standard class), to the Netherlands if repair of the damage is not possible within two days or has to take place in the Netherlands
  • Repatriation of the rental car
  • The use of a driver to bring the car, trailer and luggage back to the Netherlands if you, and all the other passengers, are unable to drive

If contractually agreed with your
employer, a replacement car can be
deployed both in the Netherlands and
abroad. You can find the full cover
conditions of Alphabet Assistance’s 24
hours assistance on

Important contactdata

Alphabet Assistance           +31 (076) 571 17 11

Questions about fuel        +31 (0)76 579 32 30

Reporting damage            +31 (0)76 579 3240

Maintenance questions    +31 (0)76 579 32 10

Returning rental car