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Mobility solutions


Full operational lease

Full operational lease at Alphabet can be compared to renting for a long period. For a fixed amount per month, you or your employees can use the business lease car(s) during the agreed period. Which car you might ask? You decide that all by yourself! Of course, all necessary maintenance on the car is also included in the monthly rate.

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Offering for independent contractors and SME

Configure and order your new lease car online.

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Leasing a commercial vehicle

Your company car or commercial vehicle is the most important operating capital for your business. Alphabet provides the optimum, comprehensive solution: a commercial vehicle that is in tune with your needs.



Do you need a car for a period of at least 2 months with the flexibility to cancel every day afterwards, without return costs? Then shortlease from Alphabet is the right choice for you.

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Occasion lease

Occasion lease can offer many benefits. The duration is often shorter and therefore offers more flexibility. And in addition, the car is immediately available.

Car sharing

Lease a business shared car with an online reservation tool and keyless entry for employees.


Car rental

Alphabet Rent is our flexible rental service that gives you access to a wide range of vehicles; for one day, one month, or longer.

Fleet management services


Fleet management

Managing your fleet requires a lot of know-how, but also a lot of time to carry out all the operational activities involved. Outsourcing fleet management can then be the best choice for your company, both operationally and from a cost point of view.



Total cost of ownership (TCO) is more critical than ever. As people lose their personal connection to cars though not owning them, more decisions are driven by TCO. We are best positioned to advise you on how you can optimise your fleet and reduce costs.