From leasing a car to mobility budget

Alphabet is a brand-independent leasing company based in Breda. Alphabet is represented worldwide in 19 countries with its headquarters in Munich.

Alphabet offers various mobility solutions, which means it can always find a suitable solution for your mobility needs, whatever the size of your fleet or business sector.

Car lease from Alphabet

Car lease from Alphabet

Pre-agreed fixed monthly rate, which means that there are no unexpected costs.

Rent a car

Rent a car

A wide range of cars in the 14% and 20% notional income categories.

Used cars

Looking for a used car?

Alphabet also sells ex-leased vehicles with free 6 month warranty.


AlphaGuide is the next intelligent step towards unlimited mobility. Once installed on your smartphone, AlphaGuide supports you with plenty of service and help surrounding your freedom of movement.
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