Privacy Statement

Purpose, terms and method of operation of the processing of personal details Alphabet Luxembourg brings every effort to bear to make sure your privacy is duly protected in the processing of your personal details. Alphabet Luxembourg collects your personal details only insofar as we need these to enable us to deliver our services and so as to comply with our legal obligations. For the avoidance of doubt, attention is drawn to the fact that the domestic and statutory regulations governing privacy relate only to natural persons, with the inclusion of the partners of non-legal persons, and do not apply to legal persons (companies) and those acting on behalf of the said legal persons vis-à-vis Alphabet Luxembourg.

Your personal details are used to conclude and perform leasing agreements, as well as to enter prospectively into other agreements, closely associated therewith.

In addition, your personal details are used to prevent and counteract fraudulent practices, as well as for direct marketing purposes to expand our customer roster. At all times, personal details are used only if required with a view to a specific occasion. As such, we only process personal details that are appropriate, pertinent and not excessive in a specific context, regardless of whether this relates to the performance of an agreement or the prevention of fraud, for instance. Obviously due care shall be exercised in the processing of your personal details, whereby we act in compliance with applicable domestic and statutory regulations in the area of privacy.

Your personal details will be kept in your personal record. The confidential nature of these details is protected by a username and a password.

Please be advised that we may also process your personal details for statistical and scientific purposes, to improve the quality of our products and services. These processing operations are made to occur on an anonymous basis, whereby the results cannot be traced back to individuals.

In order to be able to identify you when visiting our website, Alphabet Luxembourg uses “cookies”, a technology that is widely used on websites. Cookies are small text files that are stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer. Our cookies do not contain information that can be traced back to individuals.

Most web browsers automatically accept cookies. To prevent such automatic storage, in most cases you should be able to change the settings of your browser. For some sections of our website, such as personal information and customer details, cookies must be activated. If you wish, you can set your cookie preferences in your browser if you are using these sections and deactivate them again when visiting other websites.

Without prior notice, this privacy statement may be adapted from time to time in order to comply with applicable legislation, or further to changes in our operational management. You are invited to visit this page every so often to see if changes have been made.

Right of access to and rectification of your details
The customer is free to send us a written request to obtain information about the personal details relating to him or her as automatically processed by us. The information provided by us in response to the first request for information is provided free of charge. For any subsequent requests, we are free to charge the fees permitted by law. If the information supplied by us should contain inaccuracies, you can request us in writing to amend or delete the information concerned, as applicable. Any such requests must be addressed to Alphabet Luxembourg's management. You will be informed in writing within four weeks whether or not, and to what extent, your request is to be met.

Right to object
If you do not wish to be sent information about our products and services at regular intervals, you can advise us thereof free of charge in writing (Alphabet Luxembourg,