AlphaElectric – For a sustainable fleet. Launch 6th of May

posted on April 22, 2015

AlphaElectric is our latest contribution to the Alphabet portfolio. With AlphaElectric our experts evaluate how electric vehicles can be integrated into your fleet. We use an Electrification Potential Analysis (EPA) that creates a stable foundation that enables an informant choice on how to integrate electric or plug-in vehicles into the fleet. Alphabet guides you through vehicle selection and charging solutions. Together with smart and secure Mobility Services our mission is to lower CO2 consumption with equal or lowered Total Cost of Ownership.

Alphabet’s strong growth is a result of close collaboration with its customers and drivers. This is necessary to be the leading provider of business mobility solutions. Today Alphabet has the most flexible and innovative product and services portfolio in the market. Alphabet look forward to a challenging and sustainable 2015.

During the launch event visitors will learn about:
- Electric and plug-in-hybrids for a sustainable fleet
- Test drive and information from experts
- AlphaElectric and the Electrification Potential Analysis (EPA).

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