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In AlphaCity, Alphabet is introducing an intelligent and innovative mobility solution for your organisation. This Corporate CarSharing scheme enables you to offer your employees a car to suit any occasion. Very simple: you lease the car, we take care of the rest. Using a tailored booking platform, sophisticated keyless technology and premium BMW Group vehicles, AlphaCity is raising staff mobility to the next level.

In a nutshell, instead of kilometre allowances, short-term cars and taxis, your staff can book an AlphaCity car for themselves for business or private purposes. And, unlike alternative transport solutions, you get 24/7 availability, full control and predictable budgeting.

You're already running pool cars? Then it's time to meet the most user-friendly Corporate CarSharing solution!

What is AlphaCity?

AlphaCity enables your staff to book a car at any time. You determine by whom, when and subject to which terms the cars can be booked, for business and private purposes alike.

Pool management was never this easy:

  • Employees sign up and get a personal AlphaCity card.
  • They simply book the car of their choice themselves and immediately get the run of the car.
  • Costs for professional use are automatically assigned to the right department, whereas private use is paid for with the user's personal credit card.
  • The chip on the card gives keyless access to the car.
  • The innovative technology on board the vehicle ensures reliable customer service and quality checks. And the cars do not require any looking after - AlphaCity sees to it that your cars are clean and available to be used at all times

Innovative technologies

AlphaCity combines the latest technology, premium makes BMW / MINI and bespoke software for your organisation. All of which makes Corporate CarSharing simpler and easier than ever before.

With good reason:

  • No key registration - Special passes give access to all cars
  • Maintain a bird's eye perspective at all times - The booking system is entirely geared to your wishes
  • No more paperwork - All processes are fully automated

Reduced outlays for you and a major benefit for your staff

Thanks to AlphaCity, you're achieving a reduced Total Cost of Mobility. All the more so as you get to set off the proceeds from the private use against the lease rate. In addition, you'll be saving on your budget for taxis, lease cars and kilometre allowances. What is more, less management also implies a more cost efficient pool management.

More so, as staff benefits go, AlphaCity takes some beating: After all, you're offering your staff premium pool cars in their own time. Cars which, as such, are used to optimum effect and generate revenues in the process.

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