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Electric mobility where it’s best

A couple of weeks ago, we discussed the issues revolving around the construction of the new airport in Berlin. While airplanes there are not taking off at the moment, they do elsewhere in the country. For example at Frankfurt Airport where 113 international destinations can be reached making it the number one international airport in

Where driverless cars transport students

Back in the days, when people had their first encounter with airplanes they must have thought of a miracle. Same with television – how is it possible that I can see on a screen what a person is doing at the other end of the globe? Often we’ve experienced that something initially regarded as fantasy-like

The Hyperloop: brilliant or mad?

Ever heard of Elon Musk? He is a South African middle-aged business magnate who invents ultramodern mobility solutions in California. He co-founded PayPal and currently is the CEO of Tesla Motors (among others). When Mr. Musk is not kept busy by the daily affairs of his business empire, he starts pondering over the world, life,

Bangkok Water Mobility: The Remnants of the “Venice of the East”

When Thailand’s new king, Rama I, moved his capital to the other side of the Chao Phraya River in 1782, he ordered the construction of a canal to ring the new city. This main canal expanded, splintering into smaller thoroughfares and connecting with the river and the canals on the opposite bank. This complex canal

Ankara’s large ropeway

It’s truly amazing – out of all possible transport means out there, it is the cable car that appears to be developing most at the moment. So the cable car, right. Why would that be of any surprise? Well, did you believe 10 years ago that gondolas tied to a rope could present themselves as

The microMAX: Using space and technology to maximize mobility

Busses, taxis, carsharing and carpooling are all different means for dealing with urban and business mobility. To exploit the benefits and minimize the disadvantages of each type of transportation, some cities and businesses have integrated these different ways of transportation into a single system. But now the Swiss automobile company Rinspeed AG has created a

Hong Kong’s on the move

Last week, we reported about the cable car as a mobility solution in hilly cities. Its success can be appreciated in South America, especially in Caracas and Medellin. When it comes to overcoming mobility problems due to complicated terrain conditions, one city, however, stands out in particular: Hong Kong. Seven million inhabitants cramped into an

The cable car conquers the cities

We frequently discuss the concept of urbanisation and the mobility problems that arise from it. Two weeks ago, for instance, we showed that Dhaka is one of the most congested urban areas in the world whilst also being one of the fastest growing. These two aspects combined require the city to implement innovative mobility solutions

The individualised Public Transportation System

Imagine if you walked into an elevator wanting to reach the twelfth floor. But in order to get there, you and the elevator have to stop at every floor along the way just on the off chance someone else wants to get in. Most people would not tolerate this. So why do we tolerate it

The diversity of Hong Kong’s transport network

Hong Kongers consider themselves a happy people! They enjoy the highest life expectancy of any country in the world and their city ranks first as to quality of life.[1] Not surprisingly, that they have one of the most efficient and let’s say sophisticated systems of transport. While most other Asian super-sized mega-cities groan under a choking load