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The Bosphorus Connection

Turkey has experienced a stormy past year. Scenes from the Taksim Gezi Park are still present in everybody’s mind. However, a very dynamic country, Turkey seems to be moving on fast: last week the country resumed negotiations with the European Union to discuss entry terms. And only a couple of days ago, Turkey managed

Absurd traffic laws

Every country has them: traffic laws. Road safety is inevitably dependent on the rules and regulations that organise our daily traffic affairs. Many people are sure to know the laws of their own country perfectly well. However, still many people cross their country’s borders to drive around in the adjacent countries while not knowing much

For Drivers

Belgium drivers receive improved traffic information

Earlier this year Total Tank petrol stations in Belgium began offering new traffic information to its customers. Together with the Belgium mobility firm Be-Mobile and the Belgium digital communication firm DOBIT, Total is able to offer up-to-the-minute information on the local traffic situation.

On the “Fast Lane” to Tel Aviv

The traffic toll is nothing new to motorists all over the world, but in Israel a new way to calculate the toll is reshaping traffic patterns in this small and often congested country. The new toll system first implemented in January 2011, calculates the price every minute based on actual road conditions, demand, and optimal

Mobility in a megacity: Dhaka

The ability to be mobile is of invaluable importance to life in the twenty-first century. Yet, space to move about is becoming more and more limited. Today, more of us live in cities than in the country.[1] Urbanisation is the process in which the number of people living in urban areas increases compared to the

China’s Straddling Bus

Urban planners in China face a daunting task: they must create mass transportation systems that can handle unprecedented numbers of new urban inhabitants. It is expected that by the year 2015, more rural Chinese will move to their nation’s largest cities than the entire population of the United States.[1] And at the same time, city

Guide to safe winter driving

Every morning millions of commuters leave their homes to drive to work. While in summer, an open window, letting in a fresh and warm breeze of air, makes the commute an often perfect start to the day, things are different in winter. Few people know how to properly prepare their car for the new weather

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The diversity of Hong Kong’s transport network

Hong Kongers consider themselves a happy people! They enjoy the highest life expectancy of any country in the world and their city ranks first as to quality of life.[1] Not surprisingly, that they have one of the most efficient and let’s say sophisticated systems of transport. While most other Asian super-sized mega-cities groan under a choking load

No solo driving in Seattle

Why settle for Seattle? For many the city on the upper west coast near the Canadian border associates with applied IT-businesses. After all, giants like or Microsoft have their headquarters up here. Or some might think of Jimi Hendrix born in hilly Seattle. Seattle is proud to be the place to go not only

August 2012: Number of the month

Almost two weeks or over 300 hours… lasted the China National Highway 110 traffic jam that began on August 13, 2010. At its peak the massive jam stretched for about 100 kilometres (60 miles)! [1] [1]