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Electric rickshaws in Europe

Some time ago, we debated about the potential of electric longboards designed by a bunch of students from Silicon Valley. This once again showed the immense versatility of eMobility. Today, we will present another innovative idea based on electric engineering. A start-up from Berlin called eTukTuk is currently making efforts to establish electric rickshaw


The Hyperloop: brilliant or mad?

Ever heard of Elon Musk? He is a South African middle-aged business magnate who invents ultramodern mobility solutions in California. He co-founded PayPal and currently is the CEO of Tesla Motors (among others). When Mr. Musk is not kept busy by the daily affairs of his business empire, he starts pondering over the world, life,

Bangkok Water Mobility: The Remnants of the “Venice of the East”

When Thailand’s new king, Rama I, moved his capital to the other side of the Chao Phraya River in 1782, he ordered the construction of a canal to ring the new city. This main canal expanded, splintering into smaller thoroughfares and connecting with the river and the canals on the opposite bank. This complex canal

The hybrid train

One of the most debated topics of our time is the use of renewable energies. By definition, energy that can be renewed comprises a circular scheme – energy is taken from a source, the source itself is self-sustainable so that the energy is regained. But how to find such a miraculous energy source and how

Ankara’s large ropeway

It’s truly amazing – out of all possible transport means out there, it is the cable car that appears to be developing most at the moment. So the cable car, right. Why would that be of any surprise? Well, did you believe 10 years ago that gondolas tied to a rope could present themselves as

Shall we start mooveling?

What are the characteristics of today’s urban environment? The Daimler AG for example says that urbanisation will make cities more congested. Cities are full of people rushing around needing to go from A to B preferably within the blink of an eye.[1] Thus they’ve made a couple of interesting changes to their company’s business realms

Hong Kong’s on the move

Last week, we reported about the cable car as a mobility solution in hilly cities. Its success can be appreciated in South America, especially in Caracas and Medellin. When it comes to overcoming mobility problems due to complicated terrain conditions, one city, however, stands out in particular: Hong Kong. Seven million inhabitants cramped into an

Mobility in a megacity: Dhaka

The ability to be mobile is of invaluable importance to life in the twenty-first century. Yet, space to move about is becoming more and more limited. Today, more of us live in cities than in the country.[1] Urbanisation is the process in which the number of people living in urban areas increases compared to the

The past and the future of mobility: Munich and its tram

Trams, self-powered rail vehicles that run on tracks built into city streets, have been a fixture in the public transportation system of the Bavarian capital since the first horse-drawn streetcars appeared in 1876.[1] The tram system was essential for Munich’s industrial and physical growth around the turn of the century; however, after the World Wars

New York City’s traffic engine

They call it the Big Apple, the grandeur of a North American metropolis – New York City. There is hardly another city so often being made the subject of songs, novels, or art pieces, as is the urban showpiece of American success. So what exactly is New York City famous for? Paying a visit, among