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The fabulous evolution of e-bikes

More and more people switch to e-bikes these days. And those electrical bikes are not just popular among those more advanced in age, they’re useful companions for the sporty and adventure-seeking. Sales are not booming as a whole yet, but have been showing steady increase in America and in Europe in the past years.[1] The


Berlin Brandenburg Airport – why doesn’t it take off

Italy is famous for fashion, France for its food culture, and Germany...? Germany is famous for its excellence in engineering, right? “Made in Germany” guarantees quality, rigorous reliability, and eternal endurance. No doubt. But Germany’s self-conception is experiencing a serious setback at the moment. The construction of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), once proclaimed as

Interview with Adam Rice, founder and CEO of eTUKTUK

In one of our last articles we were talking about the eTukTuk, an electric Rickshaw designed for European roads. Of course we didn't want to miss the chance to ask Adam Rice a couple of questions about this exceptional means of mobility.

Adam Rice (left) and Wolfgang Knoerr, founders of eTukTuk.

The Urbee: just around the corner?

When you wish to engineer a car these days something will inevitably come up at some point. The question of how green your car will be in the end is a substantial aspect of every car’s engineering plan. So yes, how environmentally friendly should it be? You could build it from recycled material or fill


Electric rickshaws in Europe

Some time ago, we debated about the potential of electric longboards designed by a bunch of students from Silicon Valley. This once again showed the immense versatility of eMobility. Today, we will present another innovative idea based on electric engineering. A start-up from Berlin called eTukTuk is currently making efforts to establish electric rickshaw


The Bosphorus Connection

Turkey has experienced a stormy past year. Scenes from the Taksim Gezi Park are still present in everybody’s mind. However, a very dynamic country, Turkey seems to be moving on fast: last week the country resumed negotiations with the European Union to discuss entry terms. And only a couple of days ago, Turkey managed

The Alphabet Parking Game - reloaded

Do you think you are a parking expert? Show in the new Alphabet Parking Game how fast and how accurate you can navigate your car into the right gap. Don’t forget to avoid parking obstacles and don’t hit other cars or your score will be reduced! Compete with others and show in five different levels

Oh where are you going, automobile industry?

It has been almost exactly one hundred years since Henry Ford developed the mass production of cars. “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”[1] In 2013, more than eighty million cars rolled out of all automobile factories around the globe.[2] Altogether there are more than one billion cars

October 2013: Number of the month

The Vice President of the European Investment Bank and PSA Peugeot Citroën’s Executive Vice President, Finance have signed a financing agreement on €300 million for the development of low carbon technologies. This money will be used for the Euro 6.2 emission standards programme which be valid form 2017.

For Drivers

Italy’s gigantic bicycle path

Italy is admired for its exquisite cuisine famous in every corner of the world. Nonetheless, the ongoing turmoil in politics has led to a partial loss of Italy’s popular reputation. Italy is still experiencing the largest post war recession. But there is reason to be optimistic. Recently, the government has announced new investments into its