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Parking spaces at work: dream or nightmare?

To many people the daily commute to work is a ritual. Statistics by the United States National Household Travel Survey show that the car is still the number one choice when it comes to commuting in the US. Out of a total of 128 million commuters, a staggering 96 million Americans drive to work every

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“Calm down!” says your car

Isn’t it fascinating how quickly technology evolves these days? Automated driving, speech recognition or 3D-printing all used to be science fiction material only a decade ago. Huge advances have been made, particularly very recently, and so they could become normality within the decade to come. The digitalisation of everything means the automation of everything: pictures

Interview with Adam Rice, founder and CEO of eTUKTUK

In one of our last articles we were talking about the eTukTuk, an electric Rickshaw designed for European roads. Of course we didn't want to miss the chance to ask Adam Rice a couple of questions about this exceptional means of mobility.

Adam Rice (left) and Wolfgang Knoerr, founders of eTukTuk.

The Alphabet Parking Game - reloaded

Do you think you are a parking expert? Show in the new Alphabet Parking Game how fast and how accurate you can navigate your car into the right gap. Don’t forget to avoid parking obstacles and don’t hit other cars or your score will be reduced! Compete with others and show in five different levels

Driving costs – a lot more than you think

Driving around in your own car certainly is a special feeling. The car is one of the most popular products of all times. While sharing is becoming more and more common, ownership of an automobile bears some problems: today, there are a lot of other convenient alternatives to the car. Secondly, for many it is

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On the “Fast Lane” to Tel Aviv

The traffic toll is nothing new to motorists all over the world, but in Israel a new way to calculate the toll is reshaping traffic patterns in this small and often congested country. The new toll system first implemented in January 2011, calculates the price every minute based on actual road conditions, demand, and optimal

The DAT-Report and the State of the Automobile Industry

In March the Deutsche Automobil Treuhand (DAT) released its annual report on the state of the automobile industry in Germany. The overall conclusion of the report based on 2012 figures highlights a slight recession in the automobile market. This downswing stems from the sale of cheaper automobiles and lower maintenance costs. The DAT report also

Quick Facts: Legal position for parking damages in Germany

When two cars collide while reversing, both drivers are responsible and the damage is shared between the two. This has been decided by the judges with their verdict on September 11, 2012. And the same applies even if one of the cars came to stand right before the collide. Therefore, when reversing it is of

January 2013: Number of the month

With 17,210,000 members by the end of October 2012, the German ADAC club became the second biggest automobile club worldwide. He has outstripped the Japanese club JAF with about 40,000 members. Only the American automobile club AAA has more drivers: about 45 million.

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Guide to safe winter driving

Every morning millions of commuters leave their homes to drive to work. While in summer, an open window, letting in a fresh and warm breeze of air, makes the commute an often perfect start to the day, things are different in winter. Few people know how to properly prepare their car for the new weather

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