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A bicycle ride a day keeps the doctor away

Individual and public mobility is a cornerstone of society. While this may be obvious to you, how far-reaching the impact of movement really is remains a highly complex matter. Mobility plays a dominant role in the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. Now, the city of Boston and the Boston Medical Center have teamed up

Parking spaces at work: dream or nightmare?

To many people the daily commute to work is a ritual. Statistics by the United States National Household Travel Survey show that the car is still the number one choice when it comes to commuting in the US. Out of a total of 128 million commuters, a staggering 96 million Americans drive to work every

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August 2013: Number of the month

The city of Beijing wants to expand its taxi fleet by adding 350 electric vehicles. Thus the number of electric taxis will grow in the city to more than 1,000. The cars will be used in two of the capital’s suburban districts: Changping and Tongzhou.


On the “Fast Lane” to Tel Aviv

The traffic toll is nothing new to motorists all over the world, but in Israel a new way to calculate the toll is reshaping traffic patterns in this small and often congested country. The new toll system first implemented in January 2011, calculates the price every minute based on actual road conditions, demand, and optimal

Quick Facts: Car2go is expanding in the UK

The carsharing provider car2go that launched in the German city of Ulm in 2008, has now expanded its services to Birmingham. After London it’s the second city in the UK. UK is full of carsharing providers like Carplus, WhipCar, Streetcar and Zipcar just to name a few. Let’s see if Car2go can be equally

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Shall we start mooveling?

What are the characteristics of today’s urban environment? The Daimler AG for example says that urbanisation will make cities more congested. Cities are full of people rushing around needing to go from A to B preferably within the blink of an eye.[1] Thus they’ve made a couple of interesting changes to their company’s business realms

Car parks – an urban phenomenon

We’ve all been there: the devastating hunt for a parking spot when returning home from work in the evening. Driving in circles, starting and stopping the car, and then when we’ve finally found a promising space the vehicle just doesn’t want to fit. Experiences like these seem to be inevitable in the urban environment. Today,

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The past and the future of mobility: Munich and its tram

Trams, self-powered rail vehicles that run on tracks built into city streets, have been a fixture in the public transportation system of the Bavarian capital since the first horse-drawn streetcars appeared in 1876.[1] The tram system was essential for Munich’s industrial and physical growth around the turn of the century; however, after the World Wars

New York City’s traffic engine

They call it the Big Apple, the grandeur of a North American metropolis – New York City. There is hardly another city so often being made the subject of songs, novels, or art pieces, as is the urban showpiece of American success. So what exactly is New York City famous for? Paying a visit, among

City Tolls – Controversial but necessary?

Like many other world capitals, London’s officials face great challenges when it comes to building efficient transport infrastructures to ensure business mobility. Congestion and limited parking hinder moving traffic to the extent that even car enthusiasts contemplate switching to public transport. In addition congested traffic results in less mobility, higher pollution, and lower quality of