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September 2013: Number of the month

The number of membership in different car sharing programs will grow extremely in the next years. According to a new report by Navigant Research, the number will increase from 2.3 million in 2013 to more than 12 million by 2020. __________________________

CarJump: Navigating CarSharing

Available in twenty-seven different countries on five continents, CarSharing is often touted as the future of mobility. The number of users is predicted to climb from three to twenty-six million in the next seven years.[1] However, as the CarSharing concept grows with more and more providers in more and more cities, the landscape is becoming

Quick Facts: Lufthansa cooperates with Hertz on Demand

posted on July 15, 2013

The global CarSharing business Hertz on Demand has become an operator of Lufthansa

Eureka! It’s the Hiriko!

Do you remember the BMW Isetta? The first bubble car produced on a mass scale? Let’s go back to the 1950s then. Debatably, the Isetta was the first affordable car (at that time most people bought motor cycles) but with 13 horsepower still able enough to comfortably (well relatively) get you to your holiday destination.

Quick Facts: Car2go is expanding in the UK

The carsharing provider car2go that launched in the German city of Ulm in 2008, has now expanded its services to Birmingham. After London it’s the second city in the UK. UK is full of carsharing providers like Carplus, WhipCar, Streetcar and Zipcar just to name a few. Let’s see if Car2go can be equally

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The microMAX: Using space and technology to maximize mobility

Busses, taxis, carsharing and carpooling are all different means for dealing with urban and business mobility. To exploit the benefits and minimize the disadvantages of each type of transportation, some cities and businesses have integrated these different ways of transportation into a single system. But now the Swiss automobile company Rinspeed AG has created a

Avis acquires Zipcar

Cambridge, Massachusetts-based car rental giant Avis buys the car-sharing service Zipcar. Avis is spending 382 million Euros on the acquisition.[1] For Avis, it was about time to get a share in the highly lucrative car-sharing market, which has brilliant prospects of growth.

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The smartphone as a gateway to new mobility

It has long since ceased to be a secret: in order to drive a car in today’s urban world ownership is no longer necessary. A month ago, we introduced a service from the UK, called WhipCar, a rapidly growing company providing neighbourhood car sharing. Furthermore, emerging mobility apps for smartphones and tablets such as MyCityWay,

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WhipCar – the future of car ownership?

Carsharing represents the freedom to go anywhere at any time without having to own a car. The advancements in Mobile Web technology have made it extremely easy to localise a car, get in, and drive off. On the other hand, buying your own car is a pricey affair, an underused asset. Especially when extra costs

City Tolls – Controversial but necessary?

Like many other world capitals, London’s officials face great challenges when it comes to building efficient transport infrastructures to ensure business mobility. Congestion and limited parking hinder moving traffic to the extent that even car enthusiasts contemplate switching to public transport. In addition congested traffic results in less mobility, higher pollution, and lower quality of