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A bicycle ride a day keeps the doctor away

Individual and public mobility is a cornerstone of society. While this may be obvious to you, how far-reaching the impact of movement really is remains a highly complex matter. Mobility plays a dominant role in the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. Now, the city of Boston and the Boston Medical Center have teamed up

Bike sharing is a global player

The popularity of sharing bikes is on an unstoppable rise – for which a number of different aspects are responsible: higher overall car prices, crowded urban areas, and an indubitable movement towards a healthier lifestyle. [1] But hold on. Those are all reasons to hop on a bike in general but not to share one.

Take a bike to work

Large and small corporations alike have been offering company cars as perks to their employees for decades. Employees benefit personally from the improved mobility and financial opportunities while companies gain more industrious and mobile employees. But with recent concerns about CO2 emissions and the environment, many companies and employees have found a different solution –

For Drivers

A bike is a bike is a bike

All over the world most people use one to overcome distances, just for fun, sports or business mobility.

Biking to work can be a highly rewarding experience: propelling yourself along on a modernized version of a two-hundred-year-old vehicle does not only accelerate your blood circulation and put fire in your neurons. It also stimulates your

Bike sharing – rent it, ride it, share it!

Have you ever been to the Netherlands? If so, you surely would have noticed the overwhelming number of bikes buzzing along the canals, bridges, and streets, not only in Amsterdam, but everywhere in the country. There is a very practical reason for this bike adoration: cycling maximizes mobility when space is limited and the Netherlands