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The fabulous evolution of e-bikes

More and more people switch to e-bikes these days. And those electrical bikes are not just popular among those more advanced in age, they’re useful companions for the sporty and adventure-seeking. Sales are not booming as a whole yet, but have been showing steady increase in America and in Europe in the past years.[1] The


A bicycle ride a day keeps the doctor away

Individual and public mobility is a cornerstone of society. While this may be obvious to you, how far-reaching the impact of movement really is remains a highly complex matter. Mobility plays a dominant role in the social sciences, humanities, and natural sciences. Now, the city of Boston and the Boston Medical Center have teamed up

Italy’s gigantic bicycle path

Italy is admired for its exquisite cuisine famous in every corner of the world. Nonetheless, the ongoing turmoil in politics has led to a partial loss of Italy’s popular reputation. Italy is still experiencing the largest post war recession. But there is reason to be optimistic. Recently, the government has announced new investments into its

A bicycle that can change its shape

When you buy a car the first step is to decide what type it should be. Do you need a city hopper, a comfortable long-distance limousine, or a rock-climbing SUV? Many people have a pretty good idea about what type of car they require. But isn’t it a pity in a way that once you’ve

The digital bicycle lock

It is kind of strange: there are products out there, which constantly evolve, for example, the mobile phone. Think about the brick you owned ten to fifteen years ago and compare it to the slick smartphone you’re holding in your hands right now. And then there are those products that – despite everybody using them

Bike sharing is a global player

The popularity of sharing bikes is on an unstoppable rise – for which a number of different aspects are responsible: higher overall car prices, crowded urban areas, and an indubitable movement towards a healthier lifestyle. [1] But hold on. Those are all reasons to hop on a bike in general but not to share one.

Cycling into the future

The bike – still the most accepted and popular green way to move other than using one’s two walking legs. Engineers have been tinkering with the concept for centuries – from early prototypes to e-bikes today – and there is no ending in sight. We will spare the details; everyone everywhere across the globe is

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