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Alphabet drives international expansion of Corporate CarSharing solution AlphaCity

posted on August 07, 2014

As Business Mobility gains importance for companies around the globe, its complexity grows for both solution providers and the companies they serve. Customer requirements are constantly changing along with people’s understanding of what mobility involves. Alphabet’s consulting approach promotes a thorough understanding of customer priorities. Consequently, the Business Mobility provider can create holistic solutions that reflect and meet customer-specific requirements as well as being innovative, cost-efficient and sustainable. Alphabet’s Corporate CarSharing product AlphaCity is one of these solutions.


The smartphone as a gateway to new mobility

It has long since ceased to be a secret: in order to drive a car in today’s urban world ownership is no longer necessary. A month ago, we introduced a service from the UK, called WhipCar, a rapidly growing company providing neighbourhood car sharing. Furthermore, emerging mobility apps for smartphones and tablets such as MyCityWay,

For Drivers

Corporate CarSharing - a new solution for flexible mobility

While financing of fleet cars has been the main issue for a long time, nowadays flexible mobility concepts and sustainable approaches are more and more demanded. Companies have started to change their way of thinking and developed new mobility models. The concept of Corporate CarSharing for example, is one of the important developments. Learn how