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Parking spaces at work: dream or nightmare?

To many people the daily commute to work is a ritual. Statistics by the United States National Household Travel Survey show that the car is still the number one choice when it comes to commuting in the US. Out of a total of 128 million commuters, a staggering 96 million Americans drive to work every

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“Calm down!” says your car

Isn’t it fascinating how quickly technology evolves these days? Automated driving, speech recognition or 3D-printing all used to be science fiction material only a decade ago. Huge advances have been made, particularly very recently, and so they could become normality within the decade to come. The digitalisation of everything means the automation of everything: pictures

Berlin Brandenburg Airport – why doesn’t it take off

Italy is famous for fashion, France for its food culture, and Germany...? Germany is famous for its excellence in engineering, right? “Made in Germany” guarantees quality, rigorous reliability, and eternal endurance. No doubt. But Germany’s self-conception is experiencing a serious setback at the moment. The construction of the Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER), once proclaimed as

The smartphone as a gateway to new mobility

It has long since ceased to be a secret: in order to drive a car in today’s urban world ownership is no longer necessary. A month ago, we introduced a service from the UK, called WhipCar, a rapidly growing company providing neighbourhood car sharing. Furthermore, emerging mobility apps for smartphones and tablets such as MyCityWay,

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Business mobility by air

Our traffic socialisation shapes the way we think when it comes to business mobility. That’s the reason why many people initially think of cars when they hear or read about business fleets for companies. But if you take a step back and try to gain a global perspective you will spot many locations worldwide that

Corporate CarSharing - a new solution for flexible mobility

While financing of fleet cars has been the main issue for a long time, nowadays flexible mobility concepts and sustainable approaches are more and more demanded. Companies have started to change their way of thinking and developed new mobility models. The concept of Corporate CarSharing for example, is one of the important developments. Learn how

Mobility - more than just a buzzword

Let’s face it: the phenomenon of mobility has become the golden calf of the trend and lifestyle creating industry. But there is more to the concept than just a tag cloud stating “mobility is freedom 2.0”. This entry will share a few spotlights on different perspectives when it comes to the question: “What is mobility?”

Welcome to the Alphabet Business Mobility Blog

Over the past twenty years many things have tremendously changed. Internet, mobile phones combined with new technological innovations became a part of our every-day-lives. Who would have thought this would be the case back then? A similar change is happening in the world of mobility now. No longer is it just important to get people