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Mobility Workshop

An interactive workshop that supports the Alphabet customer in addressing its future fleet and mobility challenges.

Closely teaming up with our customers is our most important task today and even more so in the future. No industry, no company is alike. That is why it is not enough to develop generally great products and services, we also need to perfectly tailor them to each customer’s needs. Joint workshops are a great way to deepen the mutual understanding and maximise the return on investment for both sides. Often, small things can make a great difference for the customer!

Thinking ahead together


Alphabet wishes to assist its customers in making informed decisions about their fleet and mobility challenges. In doing so, Alphabet offers its customers so-called Mobility Workshops.

The Mobility Workshop serves
(1) to share industry and market trend insights, and its potential impact on the customer’s international fleet operations,
(2) to identify and confirm the customer’s mobility objectives and
(3) to assist the customer in deploying its mobility management strategy.

In preparation to each workshop, Alphabet‘s mobility experts get to know each customer in a thorough manner. During the workshop, together with both customer and Alphabet participants, a concrete and joint Mobility Roadmap is developed supporting the customer to achieve its identified mobility needs.


Target group are various mobility stakeholders: from Fleet Managers and Human Resources Managers,  to Procurement Managers and Sustainability Officers

The workshop is organised for international customers, but can as well be organised for a local customer (focus on one market)

The workshop is conducted with the help of experienced Alphabet mobility experts as well as representatives of Alphabet's management.

An interactive open exchange in smaller and bigger groups takes place, during which the latest industry and market trends and challenging mobility topics are discussed

Thoroughful preparation in advance, on both customer and Alphabet side, of the workshop is a pre-requisite for success

The workshop is a one-day event with a concrete and joint Mobility Roadmap as a result, including an action plan and corresponding timelines


For more information please get in touch with us.