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Privacy Policy Twitter Pages:

Alphabet International GmbH (Lilienthalallee 26, 80939 München, Germany); is responsible for the content of this Twitter Page.

When visiting our page, Twitter collects as controller personal data of the user, e.g. via cookies. Such collection of user data by Twitter can also occur even if the user is not logged in or registered at Twitter. Information about the data collection and further usage by Twitter can be found in the privacy policy of Twitter.

Which user data Twitter collects is not known to Alphabet. Alphabet does not gain full access to such collected user data or any user profiles. Alphabet can only access public profile information. Which information you share as public can be adjusted via your Twitter settings. In addition you can actively hide your “likes” or unlike the page via the Twitter settings. Your profile will then not be listed as fan of this page anymore.

Alphabet receives from Twitter anonymous statistics about the usage of our page. For example, the following anonymous information will be provided to Alphabet:

  • Follower: number of persons following Alphabet – including growth and development over a defined time frame.
  • Range: Number of people who see a specific contribution. Number of interactions on a post. For example, you can deduce which content in the community is better than other. 
  • Advertisement performance: How much does Alphabet cost a click? How many people have seen an ad?
  • Demography: Average age of visitors, sex, place of residence, language.

Those statistics are used to steadily improve our Twitter online content and to better respond to the interests of our users. We cannot link statistical data with the profiles of our fans or individual users. You can use your Twitter settings to decide in which form you would display targeted advertisements.

Alphabet receives via Twitter personal data if you actively transmit your data by sending a personal Twitter message. We use the provided data (e.g. name, surname, contract number, license plate, etc.) to respond to your query by our customer support. Your data will be saved for this purpose in our CRM system. Alphabet also receives via Twitter personal data of you if you are using a pre-filled web form. This form uses data of your profile. To send the data to us you actively have to click a send button.

Further information about the processing of personal data by Alphabet as well as your data subject rights can be found in our privacy policy: