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Restricted access: Are eLCVs soon a must for fleets?

eMobility is a frequent topic of conversation here on the blog. Today, we’re speaking once again about the new technology – with a little twist. I sat down with my colleague Nina Pichler, Product Manager at Alphabet International to talk about what could potentially be the next big thing and useful businesses solution in eMobility: electric light commercial vehicles, or eLVCs.


New eSolutions to old traffic problems

Urban areas worldwide are feeling the squeeze as more and more people flock to everywhere from London to Shenzhen. In addition to affordable housing (don’t get me started…) transportation is a growing concern. Even cities with reliable public transport systems are struggling to accommodate the growing demand for a ride: existing infrastructure takes time, effort and money to enhance. It’s time to think outside the traditional lane or tunnel.


Charging electric vehicles: what you need to know

Charging an LCV; Alphabets eMobility solution AlphaElectric

Today, when you’ve got to charge, the cable is your best friend. But by following some good charging practices, you can make the most of the time you have left with the maybe-one-day-archaic charging cable. Here are my top 4 tips for choosing the right charging solution.

Do or don’t: Acoustic warning devices on electric cars

Charging an EV, AlphaElectric - Alphabets eMobility solution

Beep, click, vroom. Well, maybe not the last one. Electric cars have many similarities to combustion vehicles, but the sound they make isn’t one of them. While city dwellers are quietly celebrating the prospect of less noise pollution, there is a potentially dangerous flipside. The quietness of silent cars makes it hard for pedestrians and cyclists, let alone the blind or visually impaired, to determine if a car is approaching based on hearing alone.

Should you switch to electric? The eMobility advice tool gives you the answer

BMW i3 and AlphaEletric

Still driving a petrol-fuelled car, but seriously wondering if an electric or plug-in hybrid one might be the smarter choice? The online eMobility advice tool knows the answer. Developed by an expert team here at Alphabet, the tool helps drivers worldwide to easily answer the question: Which type of vehicle – combustion, electric or plug-in hybrid – best suits your daily commute or daily car use?

Stella Lux – The vehicle of the future?

Electric vehicle Stella Lux, eMobility

Is there room for a new player in the auto industry – one that exclusively uses the sun’s energy? For the team at the Technical University Eindhoven behind the solar powered vehicle Stella Lux, the answer is a clear yes.

A flying EV? The Volocopter comes close

Picture first flight Volocopter, flying EV, Business Mobility of the future?

Only recently have I returned from my visit in Karlsruhe. Initially, I went there to take part in in city’s 300th Birthday celebration; yet, I ended up seeing something beyond my expectations. The “Volocopter”. The futuristic-looking machine immediately attracted my attention. By now I can call myself a fan of this project. In essence it is the world’s first flying personal electric vehicle (EV).


Why is eMobility taking off in Amsterdam?

Cleaner air, quieter streets. Visit Amsterdam and you’re bound to notice something’s changing in the city on the Amstel. Today, a rapidly growing number of electric vehicles are sweeping through its lively cityscape, cruising along the canals, passing by the iconic narrow houses: over the past few years Amsterdam has become a figurehead for the eMobility movement.


ITU part 2: Where are we headed? Smart data knows the answer

Subway London, Business Mobility, Alphabet International

A few years back the term ‘big data’ was, well, big. Nearly everyone was quick to jump on the big data trend, which, it turns out, was destined for big problems. As it turns out, no one really knows what to do with so much unorganised information.

“Everything you do, you must speed up”

Today we’re back with the latest in our series “Three questions to…”. Up this time: Hugh Dickerson, Senior Industry Head Automotive at Google, who we caught up with at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.