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What’s next for carsharing?

Carsharing and the sharing economy make regular appearances here on the Alphabet blog. Frankly, it is a topic we at Alphabet never tire of, especially when it involves keeping people moving. Today I am back with a fresh new perspective that looks at where things stand – and where it all might be heading.

When we share, everyone profits

Whether it’s renting a flat for leisure or business travel or opting in to a carsharing scheme, people worldwide are in the middle of a sharing frenzy. Why book a traditional hotel or procure your own car when there are excellent alternatives based in the economy of sharing? Ones, by the way, that are typically more affordable and often more convenient than their traditional counterparts.

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For businesses big and small: Insights on Alphabet’s new campaign

You know every nut and bolt of your machines. We´ll take care of every detail of your fleet.

Recently we heard Carsten Kwirandt’s perspective on Alphabet’s new marketing campaign. Today, I’m following up on the topic by speaking with Uwe Hildinger. As Chief Sales Officer, he sees the new campaign from the client perspective as well as that of Alphabet headquarters. Moreover, his years of experience at Alphabet Germany give him first-hand insights into local markets and their requirements. His biggest asset in a nutshell: he knows our clients and what it means to operate globally and locally. Let’s hear his perspective on the campaign and how it addresses companies’ mobility needs.

Charging electric vehicles: what you need to know

Charging an LCV; Alphabets eMobility solution AlphaElectric

Today, when you’ve got to charge, the cable is your best friend. But by following some good charging practices, you can make the most of the time you have left with the maybe-one-day-archaic charging cable. Here are my top 4 tips for choosing the right charging solution.

‘Driving your business’: Insights on the new campaign

Picture of architect in front of a solarpanel

Alphabet is excited to announce the upcoming release of a new marketing campaign. In today’s interview, Carsten Kwirandt, Head of Marketing and Business Development, shares his insights with me and all the readers of what shaped the campaign idea and how it reaches out to the target audiences.

Do or don’t: Acoustic warning devices on electric cars

Charging an EV, AlphaElectric - Alphabets eMobility solution

Beep, click, vroom. Well, maybe not the last one. Electric cars have many similarities to combustion vehicles, but the sound they make isn’t one of them. While city dwellers are quietly celebrating the prospect of less noise pollution, there is a potentially dangerous flipside. The quietness of silent cars makes it hard for pedestrians and cyclists, let alone the blind or visually impaired, to determine if a car is approaching based on hearing alone.

Why companies today should focus on Total Cost of Mobility

Business Mobility today: Getting from A to B by train, bike, plain or car.

In the fleet management industry, everybody knows the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) as a standard for evaluating the cost of running a fleet. But nevertheless, companies big and small have to pay attention to gain a more accurate look at what they are really spending while travelling from A to B. Not only by paying attention to the fleet but with a holistic view extending the focus on the whole company mobility costs. Let’s have a closer look to the Total Cost of Mobility (TCM).

Should you switch to electric? The eMobility advice tool gives you the answer

BMW i3 and AlphaEletric

Still driving a petrol-fuelled car, but seriously wondering if an electric or plug-in hybrid one might be the smarter choice? The online eMobility advice tool knows the answer. Developed by an expert team here at Alphabet, the tool helps drivers worldwide to easily answer the question: Which type of vehicle – combustion, electric or plug-in hybrid – best suits your daily commute or daily car use?

First aid basics: What to do in case of an accident

Set up the warning triangle 100 metres before the scene. Alphabet International

A good friend of mine’s daughter who’s about to take her driving license test recently took a first aid course. Which got me thinking: is my first aid know-how up to par? Sure, I’ve taken a course or two, but, honestly, it’s been awhile. Would I know what do if I were to encounter an accident – or be involved in one myself? My motto in life: knowledge is power. I’d much rather know how to react and provide first aid, if necessary, than assume someone else will take care of it. Here’s a little refresher of first aid basics for all of us.

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Next destination: What happens to your car when the lease is up.

Fleet of Alphabet cars in front of a building

Picture this. You receive a company car and it’s your faithful companion for 48 months. Chauffeuring you to appointments, protecting you from sun, rain and snow, carrying your belongings from A to B. Then one day, it’s time to part. The lease is up – marking the end of your time together.