Checkpoint breathalyser – Sweden combats drink driving with Alco-Gates

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Drink driving is dangerous. So dangerous that throughout Europe one in four traffic fatalities involves alcohol. Despite the alarming facts, getting behind the wheel after enjoying a beer is not uncommon in many European countries. For those who do and are checked by the police, the roadside alcohol breath test ultimately decides if that last sip (or glass) was one too many. A blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of up to 0.5‰ is tolerated. Go above that and there will be consequences.

Smog in cities: why?

Just over a month ago, Paris was in the news due to dangerously high levels of smog. Out of the many actions that could have been taken, government officials chose one known to work in the short but not in the long-run: license-plate driving bans. Mexico City, Beijing or Athens all implemented similar measures in

The Bosphorus Connection

Turkey has experienced a stormy past year. Scenes from the Taksim Gezi Park are still present in everybody’s mind. However, a very dynamic country, Turkey seems to be moving on fast: last week the country resumed negotiations with the European Union to discuss entry terms. And only a couple of days ago, Turkey managed

Where driverless cars transport students

Back in the days, when people had their first encounter with airplanes they must have thought of a miracle. Same with television – how is it possible that I can see on a screen what a person is doing at the other end of the globe? Often we’ve experienced that something initially regarded as fantasy-like

September 2013: Number of the month

The number of membership in different car sharing programs will grow extremely in the next years. According to a new report by Navigant Research, the number will increase from 2.3 million in 2013 to more than 12 million by 2020. __________________________

The Mobility-Innovation-Index

It is difficult to find a market today that is more dynamic than the automobile industry. The creation of new operating systems and engines, the increased competitiveness of the world market, and the change in driver behaviour necessitate new, imaginative thinking and make the industry rife for innovation. But as with any market, the market

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Eureka! It’s the Hiriko!

Do you remember the BMW Isetta? The first bubble car produced on a mass scale? Let’s go back to the 1950s then. Debatably, the Isetta was the first affordable car (at that time most people bought motor cycles) but with 13 horsepower still able enough to comfortably (well relatively) get you to your holiday destination.

Shall we start mooveling?

What are the characteristics of today’s urban environment? The Daimler AG for example says that urbanisation will make cities more congested. Cities are full of people rushing around needing to go from A to B preferably within the blink of an eye.[1] Thus they’ve made a couple of interesting changes to their company’s business realms

March 2013: Number of the month

With an e-motorbike around the world in 80 days: the bike that was built in Switzerland, covered a distance of 36,000 kilometres, passed 16 countries and more than 100 cities. This e-bike is both, a motorbike and a bubble car and can obviously drive 500 kilometres with one battery charge.[1] [1]

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Car parks – an urban phenomenon

We’ve all been there: the devastating hunt for a parking spot when returning home from work in the evening. Driving in circles, starting and stopping the car, and then when we’ve finally found a promising space the vehicle just doesn’t want to fit. Experiences like these seem to be inevitable in the urban environment. Today,

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