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Over the past twenty years many things have tremendously changed. Internet, mobile phones combined with new technological innovations became a part of our every-day-lives. Who would have thought this would be the case back then? A similar change is happening in the world of mobility now. No longer is it just important to get people from point A to point B. Cost efficiency, flexibility and sustainability have become more important than ever, not only for businesses but for every single one of us. People aren’t so much interested any more in owning a car but in having quick and flexible access to mobility. These changes require intelligent answers and solutions which Alphabet can provide. Alphabet has a far reaching expertise in fleet management and a comprehensive understanding of what fleet managers and drivers need and want. We watch the market, identify and set trends. In this blog we want to share our knowledge and provide a source of information on business mobility gathered in one single place. No matter if people are looking for advice or if they simply want to be up-to-date on latest news and trends. In our articles, we will treat every aspect of business mobility that no longer only relies on cars but on flexible, interconnected systems of mobility options. Fleet managers will find best practices, new inspirations on how to solve mobility challenges and ideas that might help to make their daily work a little easier. And we also look at those who are moving: hints for drivers, how-tos, the latest innovations in the world of mobility, experiences from other company car owners, etc. We hope you will gain new insights, ideas and inspirations from our articles and that they will help you tackle the changes and challenges of future mobility in your company with the enthusiasm that everyone here at Alphabet feels. Best regards from your Alphabet Blog team

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