Shall we start mooveling?

What are the characteristics of today’s urban environment? The Daimler AG for example says that urbanisation will make cities more congested. Cities are full of people rushing around needing to go from A to B preferably within the blink of an eye.[1] Thus they’ve made a couple of interesting changes to their company’s business realms in response to these requirements. Daimler has become a mobility service provider. The face of it: an app called moovel - or in its verb’s form “to moovel”. Are you mooveling already? Doubt it. The app is currently running as a pilot in the German cities Stuttgart and Berlin. Let’s take a look at what it means to moovel around town.

Moovel, simple and quick

When you start the app,“I would like to go from here to...” appears on the screen and you type in your destination. The app then conveniently processes the information given and reveals different ways of how you can reach your destination. Different to other but similar services, moovel integrates various travel means into one trip to provide you with information about the fastest, the cheapest, or the most comfortable trip. So let’s say you try to find the fastest way to reach the historical Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin when you’re underneath the BrandenburgGate. Moovel may tell you to first take the bus, then walk for five minutes and hence cover the last lag by underground. Say you really want to go to Checkpoint Charlie but its freezing outside so walking is not really an option at all. In this case, the app allows you to book a taxi. This is made possible thanks to the cooperation between the Daimler AG and the well-established myTaxi app whose service moovel smoothly incorporates.[2] This in a way is the strength of the app. Behind the scene, moovel works together with the public transport services in Stuttgart (in general the designated city’s public transport system), the car pooling service, and as mentioned the myTaxi app. Further, you will sometimes be advised to use a car. But that car is not just any car but happens to belong to Daimler’s carsharing service car2go.

Moovel – still in its infancy

Though still running in its pilot version, mooveling around town is convenient. What has to happen, however, to make this a great app? So far, the app runs in two cities, but more will join the moovel family. This will be a critical point. If the app ought to be a success, Daimler will need to expand its cooperation with public transport services in every single city in which moovel is supposed to operate in. This will be a long-term procedure. Also, we believe that the app won't be used so much by people living in the city, but more by people who visit it for a couple of days and who wish to remain mobile and dynamic. In this case the app could be of high value.

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