Petrol stations in Germany

posted on November 27, 2012

Starting with one single pharmacy, where the first fuel was sold in 1888 [1], the development of petrol stations changed a lot and reached a peak in 1969 with about 46,000 petrol stations in Germany. [2] In the late 1990s the legislation sharpened the rules for petrol stations which now had to meet stricter environmental demands. Due to these requirements many small petrol stations had to be closed down. Thus their number was reduced enormously until today. At earlier times it was common practice to be served by a filling station attendant who didn’t just fill the petrol tank, but also cleaned the windscreen, checked the oil level etc. Nowadays petrol stations mostly changed from full-service to self-service operations. At the end of last year about 14,000 petrol stations were in use:

[1] [2]

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