Make Way for Big Data

Nearly everywhere we turn these days, talk seems to revolve around one buzzword: big data. But what is big data, exactly? And what’s it good for? Let’s start with a general definition. Big data is a collective term for large-sized datasets that, due to their huge size, cannot be processed using traditional software or techniques.

However, big data has great potential to help guide us to better decisions and improve how we work and live. That’s the real reason why everyone is speaking about it. At the same time, big data is not void of controversy with people split between two sides: those pro big data who are excited about its potential and those contra big data who are concerned about aspects such as the analytical methods and possible security concerns. Whatever side you’re on, there’s no denying that big data has implications for pretty much any field – including traffic management. By knowing more about a driver’s behaviour and destination, big data can be used to make the driving experience more pleasurable for everyone on the road – and help us be kinder to the environment by reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

Nunav: Fewer traffic jams, more fuel savings

Like many things in life, how big data can improve driving is best understood with a concrete example. Enter the German-based start-up called Graphmasters and its innovative Nunav routing service. Nunav uses real-time big data to provide drivers with individual routes to their destination. Doing so actively helps prevent traffic jams before they occur, which in turn can significantly reduce C02 emissions. Sounds brilliant, doesn’t it?

I’m sure you are wondering how exactly Nunav differs from traditional navigation systems. Well, while traditional ones serve their purpose, they do have a big gap: when faced with a traffic jam, they route traffic onto smaller streets, actually making the problem worse. In contrast, Nunav reserves timeslots for each driver on the road and instructs them to follow a unique route. And this exciting, dynamic service wouldn’t be possible without big data.

Nunav is set to launch within the next three months and I personally can’t wait to give it a try. In the meantime, head over to to learn more.

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