Jawbone Up – get a move on!

There is something peculiar happening these days and that’s the obsession with information. Never did human kind have such easy access to such a huge amount of it, ever before. And right into this trend fall certain apps that allow you to keep a record of your own all-day behaviour. The purpose of all that: to improve your lifestyle, to live a more balanced and healthy life, and, finally, to be happier with yourself. Take for example jawbone Up - a little wristband that constantly monitors your movements, light and sound around you as well as your current location. What exactly is this little gadget and will personal mobility actually benefit from such a device?

Jawbone Up could change how you live

We sit around all day, working behind computers stimulating our highly developed brains. But what about our limbs and arms? It seems they miss out on all the action. That’s when the jawbone Up comes into play: it’s a stylish and comfortable rubber band (available in eight different colours) equipped with a pedometer that tracks every single step you take and hence feeds this information into the smartphone’s app.[1] Around 10,000 steps per day count as the perfect daily exercise so at the end of the day you can see your accomplishments – and improve. Better even, the Up vibrates when you’ve been sitting around for too long reminding you to get some exercise on. But that’s not the end of the story. The little wristband wakes you up in the morning (via the app) but not by sound. Again, rather pleasant vibrations remind you of the next day’s beginning. While you set the alarm, say for 7 am, the Up tracks your movements during your sleep and wakes you within half an hour before that – when you experience a light-sleeping phase. Finally, the Up is water resistant, runs for a stunning ten hours on one full charge, and is easily synced with your smartphone. There is no USB plug - you rely entirely on the headphone jack for both charging and exchanging the information gathered.

Life gadget or simply annoying?

It’s funny we always debate about cars’ fuel economy, impact on the environment, and utilisation in the urban world. We get annoyed when trains are not on time. We judge all these things in measurements, statistics, in the end, numbers. In a way, that’s what the jawbone Up does too, but here we are in the centre of focus. Thus, whether or not this is useful depends entirely on the perspective held on this. Those that take it seriously will definitely benefit from the jawbone Up. In this case, it will give the incentive to move more, sleep better, and thus – feel better. Others, however, might experience it like a little rubber band that turns you into something measurable. Whatever can be taken from it lies in the eye of the beholder.

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