The Electric Longboard

eMobility is one of the most exciting industries out there. Few other branches will have such a deep impact on mankind. While major car manufacturers are busy working out the next steps, small, young, and hip companies have discovered the immense potential of eMobility as well. An example: a handful of ambitious engineering students have developed a stunning electrically powered longboard. Behold, because this one’s a real eye catcher!

Fast, agile, fun

A longboard resembles an extended skateboard. It’s longer and has thicker wheels whereby more stability is provided. Longboards are used for trips around the city; they are very light and can easily be taken on buses and trams. Overall, longboards are the perfect companion to cover the infamous last mile, the distance between the bus stop and your home. And now they’re electric. A company called Boosted Boards – situated in Silicon Valley (of course) – collected the necessary funds for their idea through the crowdfunding platform kickstarters. By now, they’ve managed to build ten prototypes. Boosted Boards’ production longboard will accelerate to a staggering top speed of 32 km/h and, at this speed, will cover ten kilometers. They call it the lightest electric vehicle in the world.[1] A lithium ion battery powers a twin motor that is recharged when you brake. All of this fancy technology is smartly placed underneath the board and only adds four pounds to the weight of a normal longboard. But how do you control the engine? The electric longboard comes with a little wireless remote, which you hold in your hands as you go. This remote allows you to brake or accelerate gradually. This means that you can brake when you go downhill or climb hills with ease while people star at you wondering where you get the energy from.

A hit?

The electric longboard could become a hit and there are four main reasons why: firstly, longboarding is a sport that enjoys growing popularity. You can see more and more people cruising around town and it’s not just hip youngsters! Secondly, eMobility is on the rise: there are more and more experts working in the field. For example, the Boosted Board crew highly benefited when an engineer from Tesla Motors joined their team because he really liked the idea. Today, the success of such a product will not depend on a lack of certain resources. Thirdly, the company knows how to market its product: they’ve made a fantastic video for their crowdfunding application, which is entertaining yet very convincing[2]. The crew was invited to give a TED talk to present their product in front of a huge crowd of investors and inventors.[3] Finally, they really know how to use social media for their purposes.[4] The only disappointment is the price: at 1,299 dollars the electric longboard is anything but cheap. What do you think?

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