Corporate CarSharing - a new solution for flexible mobility

While financing of fleet cars has been the main issue for a long time, nowadays flexible mobility concepts and sustainable approaches are more and more demanded. Companies have started to change their way of thinking and developed new mobility models. The concept of Corporate CarSharing for example, is one of the important developments. Learn how it works in our article. So far the focus in the fleet management business was on cars and on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). However, at Alphabet we want to take a look at the bigger picture and work on the Total Cost of Mobility (TCM). The company’s monthly expenses on mobility are of central importance. We tackle them by introducing new solutions. With comprehensive Corporate CarSharing concepts companies can reduce their running expenses. Instead of spending costs on taxis, public transport and rental cars, employees can benefit from car sharing vehicles. This way, not only TCO but also mobility costs will decrease. Corporate CarSharing concepts pose new challenges to corporate mobility, they also ensure an efficient and flexible mobility and an additional motivation for the employees. The capacity of the existing fleet vehicles is used in a more effective way, especially during evening and weekend hours. It gives employees the unique possibility to use the vehicles not only as a business car, but also for private purposes. They can drive a car at attractive rates and the company will benefit from the extra income. Alphabet offers the Corporate CarSharing solution called AlphaCity which is in line with the trend that for many people owning a car is not so important any more. They prefer having an easy and flexible access to vehicles from the Corporate CarSharing pool. This works thanks to the state-of-the-art RFID technology which allows keyless entry to the vehicles. The self-regulating system minimizes effort for fleet and mobility management. All transactions are easily administered and monitored from one program offering interfaces to administration and accounting tools. The correct department will be automatically billed for business use and the employee’s personal use is paid via credit card or directly from payroll. Last but not least employers can reduce their mobility costs and use the vehicles as incentives for their employees. The fleet management itself can change from a cost factor to a real value contribution - an important advantage for fleet decision managers.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Use of fleet vehicles for business and private trips instead of taxi or rental car
  • Capacity of the existing fleet vehicles is used in a more effective way
  • Significant potential for savings in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Reduction of the Total Cost of Mobility (TCM)
  • Motivation of employees
  • Easy handling with online booking tools and keyless on-board solutions
  • Full-service is available including maintenance and cleaning
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