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The taxi is a legend among mobility options. It’s been around for ages and hardly anything else embodies the cooperation of personal transport better than the often yellow-painted cars. The software engineering scene has understood the potential of the taxi business for their own purposes. Numerous taxi or cab apps have swamped the market from GrabTaxi, to the previously presented mytaxi, Uber, or Hailo – there are too many options to choose from. The problem is that all these apps have one thing in common: they operate for a certain area, a specific city, for example. What is lacking is the all-encompassing taxi app. Maybe it will change now?

Forget all other apps?

Not surprisingly, the name of this app contains the word taxi as well, but as part of a clever command: “click a taxi” is the name and as it suggests, instead of calling, operating a conversation etc., you get the taxi to pick you up by touching a button on your Smartphone, similar to the apps mentioned above. “Click a taxi” was developed by a couple of Danish guys and launched in 2010, exclusively in Denmark. However, instead of making a taxi app for Denmark, the entourage sought to expand early in the developing process. We provide the kind of coverage that allows our users to throw away the five different taxi apps they have for several different cities and be confident that they can use one app to get a high quality taxi service wherever they happen to be.” [1] Brilliant – so finally a taxi app I can use when arriving at Dubai airport (or whatever destination I choose) as well as when I return to my home airport for the same purpose of “clicking” a taxi. Currently, the click a taxi app covers more than 5,000 cities.[2] How has this enormous network been set up? The answer is simple: by cooperating with taxi companies directly, and thus the network started off small but quickly saw more and more companies jumping on the train. Money is made not by charging the user (the app is free of charge) but by charging the taxi company per ride. Thus, in the end, it is the taxi company that supposedly benefits the most.

Still lots of countries to cover

Today, a taxi is booked every five minutes via the “click a taxi” app. However, there is room for improvement. Although 5,000 cities may seem impressive, what it comes down to in terms of countries I find at the moment rather disappointing. With only five countries at the moment, it is not possible yet to speak of a global network. Getting taxi companies from all over the world to join your network is not a piece of cake. That’s why the app asks users to pass on information about new taxi companies, which are then either selected or disregarded for cooperation. But nonetheless, the idea is good, well thought-out, and, most importantly, convincing.

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