CarJump: Navigating CarSharing

Available in twenty-seven different countries on five continents, CarSharing is often touted as the future of mobility. The number of users is predicted to climb from three to twenty-six million in the next seven years.[1] However, as the CarSharing concept grows with more and more providers in more and more cities, the landscape is becoming more difficult to navigate. Germany alone has over 110 active CarSharing providers in 343 cities encompassing eleven thousand vehicles. The new mobile app CarJump aims to make CarSharing more manageable.

All mobility possibilities in one place

The idea behind CarJump is simple: show all available CarSharing vehicles regardless of provider. Oliver Mackprang, the developer of CarJump, noticed that many customers sign up with several different providers to have more options, because many programs have no starting costs and charge about the same price per kilometre. But each provider has its own car locating app and so, switching and searching between several different apps can be annoying and a waste of time. CarJump is an amalgamation of several different providers' apps. This app shows the user the location of vehicles from four of the biggest CarSharing providers in Germany: DriveNow, car2go, Multicity, and cambio. Users can choose which providers' cars they want displayed (based on the providers they are registered with or their current needs). While CarJump can display all available cars, a user cannot book a car through the app. Instead, by clicking on the desired car, the user is transferred to that provider's app to complete the booking. Mackprang and his team want to make direct booking a reality in the next version of the app – especially when they integrate more providers.

A little information for everybody

The CarJump app is completely free to download for users, and CarJump receives the GPS data from the CarSharing providers in return for anonymous user information. The information should help providers determine how they compare to their competitors, but since the app has only been available for three months, providers need a little more time before the information can prove valuable.

Don't forget the bikes!

The most recent version of CarJump also includes, as an eco-friendly option, bikes from Nextbike. The app not only displays where the bike stations are, but also whether the bikes are currently available.

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