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Recently voted the iPhone App of the year for 2012, the myTaxi App is trying to revolutionize the way we order taxis.[1] No more standing in the rain, or on the curb trepidatiously waving to hail a taxi; now, after a few minutes to register, we can order taxis from the comfort of our computer, smartphone, and tablet.

Using myTaxi personally

The myTaxi app (version 4.0) is available for free from the myTaxi website, the Apple Store (for Apple products), and Google Play (for Android products). Immediately upon opening the app, myTaxi uses GPS to pin point the user’s location, but if he wants to specify another location he can. The app will then locate all of the available myTaxis in the area and send them a request to pick up the user. The user can also specify the destination simply to see the projected cost or to alert the driver to his plans. Once a pick-up is confirmed, the taxi driver receives the user’s phone number in case of extenuating circumstances (like a traffic jam) and the user can see the driver’s information including name and vehicle registration as well as his rating from other myTaxi users. The user can then track the progress of the taxi until it picks him up. Taxi drivers must register with myTaxi in order to be part of the system. Drivers then pay a fee for the service while the passenger pays no extra charges for using myTaxi.[2] Users cannot only rate taxi drivers but they can pick favourite drivers and favourite groups of drivers. If you find one driver to be especially friendly, add him to your favourites and he will be given priority the next time he is in the area. If you’d rather ride in eco-friendly taxis, for example, favourite the green-taxi group and they will be given priority the next time you hail a cab.

Paying for myTaxi without cash or credit cards

In July, myTaxi introduced myTaxi Payment, which allows users to pay for the taxi ride via smartphone - cash and credit card free. A user can specify a credit card or PayPal account under his myTaxi account. At the end of a taxi ride, the driver enters the fare on his phone, the user confirms it on his and adds the appropriate tip. Then, both driver and user receive receipts via email.[3]

myTaxi for business mobility

With the introduction of myTaxi Payment, business travellers can now use myTaxi on the go and charge rides to a single company account. Business travellers no longer need to collect and hand in travel receipts and they do not need to worry about carrying around personal cash.Companies, too, can more easily and transparently track and pay for taxi fares with a simple, single monthly invoice for all taxi rides that will save them time and money.[4] Hotels also enjoy the myTaxi service. Several hotels have praised the ease and efficiently with which they can now order and track taxis for their guests.[5]

myTaxi grows

Since its launch in Hamburg, Germany in March 2010, myTaxi has seen phenomenal growth. Their service is now offered in over 30 German cities, plus several international cities including Barcelona, Zurich, Vienna, Washington D.C.,and Warsaw. As of October, when they launched their service in D.C., myTaxi had racked up 2.3 million downloads and 18,000 affiliated taxis.[6] This was after Daimler and its car sharing company Car2go bought a 15% share of the company. Daimler sees Car2go and myTaxi as compatible partners for a future of independent business and personal mobility.[7] And least I forget…there is one more superb advantage to myTaxi for people on the run: the app saves the taxi driver’s phone number for 24 hours. So, if you forget something, like your wallet or bag, in the taxi, you can contact the driver to retrieve your items!

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