Belgium drivers receive improved traffic information

Earlier this year Total Tank petrol stations in Belgium began offering new traffic information to its customers. Together with the Belgium mobility firm Be-Mobile and the Belgium digital communication firm DOBIT, Total is able to offer up-to-the-minute information on the local traffic situation.

A marriage of information, technology and platform

Founded in 2006, Be-Mobile is a pioneer in supplying traffic and mobility content to drivers, the media, and government agencies. Their extensive road sensors and driver communities gather real-time traffic conditions on highways and public transportation. Their SmartMove Mobility Database then combines, organises and distributes to various users. For this project, Be-Mobile teamed up with DOBIT, who specialises in digital communication. Through this partnership, Be-Mobile’s mobility information is combined with DOBIT’s communication know-how and distributed to customers on Total Tank in-shop TV monitors. The global energy company Total has used this opportunity to provide customers with extra useful information, as an enhancement to its in-store advertisements. According to Jan Cools, CEO of Be-Mobile, “…this perfect marriage of distribution, data and platform is an innovative way to ensure that Belgian motorists remain as informed as possible.” [1]

Information eases mobility

Total hopes that the new traffic information will help attract new and retain current customers. But more so, Total believes the up-to-the-minute information on traffic jams, road work and accidents will enable motorists to better plan their commutes, trips and daily errands. The new information can lead to improved road safety, reduced petrol consumption, fewer carbon emissions, and better time management. In the mobility field, information is key, but that information must be easily understood and easy to apply. With the wide reach of the Total Tank petrol stations, Be-Mobile’s traffic information and DOMIT’s communication expertise, we believe this trio has hit the perfect combination for improved traffic information and mobility.


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