Fleet eMobility solution for Mobistar

A customer since 2001, Belgian telecommunications leader Mobistar entrusts the management of over 300 of its company vehicles to Alphabet. This year, Mobistar implemented advanced eMobility solution AlphaElectric.

As one of the key players in the Belgian and Lux telecommunications markets, with over 4 million customers, Mobistar operates DSL and high-speed internet, acts as an integrated communications provider and offers a portfolio of mobility and connectivity services.

In an effort to reduce its CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020, Mobistar strives to integrate green initiatives. The telecom operator has been a keen early adopter of hybrid and electric engines in its fleet but it had been searching for a more comprehensive, single-source solution that would cover all aspects of fleet eMobility as well as delivering sustainability and cost benefits. AlphaElectric’s holistic approach finally provided the complete fleet eMobility response that Mobistar had been looking for.

So far, Mobistar executive Karel Boussu has been impressed with AlphaElectric’s convenience, not least, the accessible charging aspect: “Employees receive a professionally installed, approved electrical outlet in their own home, making it possible for the electricity supplier to bill Mobistar directly for the electricity being used to operate the cars.”

Flexible employee mobility is an additional win for Mobistar thanks to AlphaElectric: electric cars are now available to employees for spontaneous appointments such as lunch meetings outside of the office.

AlphaElectric Awards


Alphabet has been honoured with a number of awards from the fleet industry


The integration of electric vehicles into fleets has never been easier