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AlphaElectric is the best way to integrate electric vehicles into your fleet

With smart planning, electric vehicles can reduce your fleet’s CO2 emissions and lower your mobility costs.

As governments, companies and communities increase their focus on sustainability, the benefits are growing those who adopt eMobility. At Alphabet, we have invested in a sustainable future and have created effective ways for companies to take part.

EVs reduce both CO2 and costs

EVs are economical to run and have no tailpipe emissions. When combined with the use of green power suppliers, your overall CO2 emissions can be lowered to almost zero. Therefore, reducing their carbon footprint makes more and more sense for companies, allowing them to take advantage of tax incentives and at the same time strengthen their brand’s position on sustainability.

Success requires a tailor-made solution

Achieving your company’s eMobility goals takes smart planning and an in-depth understanding of exactly where EVs can make a difference in your fleet. With AlphaElectric, we developed an innovative solution to analyse your fleet and identify the most efficient selection of vehicles and charging infrastructure.

Getting started with eMobility

At Alphabet, we believe that close cooperation with you is the key to success. When finding the right eMobility solution for your company, we take the time to understand your company, your goals and your fleet. Your dedicated Alphabet consultant works together with you through the steps for switching on eMobility.

Learn how we integrate eMobility into your fleet:

1. Fleet analysis

Part of its Mobility Consulting approach, the Electrification Potential Analysis is an in-depth analysis process that is the basis of AlphaElectric and its key USP. Developed specifically for the needs of Alphabet’s customers, EPA occurs in three steps: track, evaluate, consult.

First we analyse the vehicles in your fleet, using the data collected to determine your current energy consumption and CO2 emissions. By undertaking a comprehensive analysis of your fleet and the routes you drive, we can then create an effective plan that integrates EVs as well as eLCVs and achieves your financial and environmental goals.

What’s your company’s target?

Whether it’s to have a basic implementation of EVs, minimise CO2 or reduce your total cost of mobility, we can make eMobility work for you.

2. Vehicle selection

The range of available EVs and eLCVs is large and constantly expanding. For many, knowing which EV to drive is unfamiliar ground. We guide you through the important factors to consider and help you select the mix of EVs or Plug-In Hybrids that best fits your needs.


3. Charging solutions

Setting up the right charging infrastructure for your EV fleet is crucial to hassle-free driving and business. We pinpoint the number, location and types of charge points your fleet needs so you don’t need to worry about running out of power. Setting up these facilities is taken care of by Alphabet – we provide the charging infrastructure you need, at home and at the office.

4. Mobility services

As a fully flexible solution, we offer numerous additional services to keep your fleet running smoothly. This includes rental options and driver support, so your drivers are covered in all situations and your company can enjoy uninterrupted mobility.

Looking for more information?

Download the brochure

For additional information about AlphaElectric and how we help your company get started with eMobility, download our informational brochure.