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Keyless CarSharing for your company


The smarter way to keep your employees mobile and save you money

No keys

Easy & convenient

Reduces costs

Car Sharing

Sharing a car couldn’t be easier

It’s as simple as booking online and driving away. No keys needed.

1. Register as a driver

After a one-time registration, you’ll receive your personal AlphaCity membership card.

2. Book a car

Choose the car you want, when you need it, on your computer or smartphone.

3. Keyless access

With our keyless technology you simply use your membership card to unlock.

4. Get to your meeting

Or to the movie. You can use AlphaCity how you like - for business or leisure.

Simple booking system
Registered employees can easily book cars themselves using the desktop booking platform. Fleet managers also have complete control to manage all bookings, cars and internal pricing.
Keyless technology
Drivers can unlock and drive booked cars using their personal membership card. This means there are no keys to distribute and cars are available 24 hours a day.
Smart on-board computer
Every AlphaCity car is equipped with an intelligent on-board computer. Drivers can easily report vehicle defects, damages, cleanliness and reach our support team 24/7.
Automatic billing
Each driver’s usage is automatically recorded, simplifying the administration process. Mileage and fuel costs from private trips can automatically be allocated to the driver’s credit card, giving you greater cost control.
Bespoke reports
We provide you with bespoke reports and insights showing how your vehicles are utilised. By analysing how often cars are used, their mileage and fuel use, we can optimise AlphaCity for you.
Fully serviced vehicles
Premium AlphaCity car models are fully serviced so you can focus on the things that matter. We take care of vehicle maintenance, health checks, cleaning, as well as accidents and breakdowns.
Reduced risk and CO2
Your grey fleet liability is reduced with fully serviced cars that you have full control of. The right choice of cars also helps you decrease your company’s CO2 emissions.
Transparent usage
Each driver’s usage is automatically recorded, creating full driver accountability. AlphaCity eliminates dubious fuel and mileage claims, driving responsible employee behaviour.

Reduce your mobility costs with a smarter fleet

AlphaCity CarSharing makes transportation cheaper and more efficient.

Created efficiency animation

Greater efficiency

Increased utilization with more drivers and less cars

Cheaper mobility animation

Cheaper mobility

Less reliance on expensive forms of transport

Costing savings animation

Immediate cost savings

Reduce costs by up to 70% with business and private use

Everyday Alternatives
A better alternative, every day of the week
Monday – “Instead of getting a taxi, I can drive to my client meetings”
No need to hail a taxi, or pay the expensive fare
A better alternative, every day of the week
Tuesday – “I don’t have to use my own car for business events anymore”
AlphaCity eliminates mileage allowances and liability from personal car use
A better alternative, every day of the week
Wednesday – “I work in a different city, but when I’m visiting I can use AlphaCity”
AlphaCity is a convenient replacement for expensive, short term rental cars
A better alternative, every day of the week
Thursday – “I don’t have my own company car, but I can use AlphaCity when I need it”
It can condense your company car fleet and is perfect for occasional users
A better alternative, every day of the week
Friday – “Car sharing is no longer at odds with my busy schedule - it’s easy”
The hassle of pool cars is gone - no bookings to manage, no keys to distribute
A better alternative, every day of the week
Saturday – “During the weekend I often use AlphaCity to get to training”
Cars can be booked for private trips, which is a great bonus for employees
A better alternative, every day of the week
Sunday – “When the weather’s nice I like to take my family out for the day”
Costs from private use can be recovered, making AlphaCity even better value

AlphaCity is the smart keyless fleet solution for you and your employees

An award-winning tailor-made solution

"It’s a triple win situation - for our company, our employees and our bottom lines."
Florian Freiherr von Hornstein, CEO of Serviceplan Group, Germany
“We want to be at the forefront of this evolution.”
Marc Thiollier, Service Director Accenture, France
“We were impressed with AlphaCity's simple, hassle-free approach.”
Alisha Bird, FDM of the English Rugby Football Union RFU, UK
“Alphabet offers a full-spectrum service that has every aspect covered.”
Michelle Scobie, Controller of All Fleet Services, UK

Frequently asked questions

What vehicles can I use AlphaCity with?

AlphaCity is available with a wide range of BMW and MINI models, all included in our modular full-service package that is tailored to your company. In addition to the latest models, you can choose from convertible, luxury and electric vehicles.

Who can sign up as a driver?

AlphaCity is available with a wide range of BMW and MINI models, all included in our modular full-service package that is tailored to your company. In addition to the latest models, you can choose from convertible, luxury and electric vehicles.

How does AlphaCity’s keyless technology work?

A special sensor is fitted on the windscreen of every AlphaCity car. Drivers simply swipe their personal AlphaCity membership card over the sensor and the car will automatically unlock. Simply use the START/STOP button to drive away.

How are costs allocated to different drivers?

For each trip, AlphaCity keeps track of every important detail; who’s driving, for how long and much more. The costs for each trip are automatically allocated to the right cost center of your company, or in the case of private trips, charged to the driver.

How do I manage fuel costs?

Every AlphaCity car has a fuel card inside. When prompted, drivers use this card to refuel and are only allocated the costs for their own use. This Fuel Management and cost allocation is handled automatically by AlphaCity.

Where are cars parked when not in use?

Drivers pick-up and return each car at it’s own dedicated parking space. As a company, you decide where these parking spaces should be. You can also have two dedicated parking spaces, e.g. at the office and at the airport, to allow for regular one-way trips.

What if drivers need help?

Drivers have instant access to our 24/7 customer service team from inside the vehicle, so on-board support is always available. We also include roadside assistance, breakdown, recovery and accident management services to deal with unexpected issues.