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Alphabet’s flexible Corporate CarSharing solution AlphaCity is the cost-efficient and smart way to get from A to B

Corporate CarSharing is becoming more and more popular, allowing companies to share valuable assets among employees on demand. Alphabet has taken this concept to the next level as first provider on the market with AlphaCity Corporate CarSharing.

A product tailor-made for your company

At Alphabet, we believe in offering individual advice and support. Because each fleet is different, every AlphaCity solution starts with an in-depth analysis of your company’s mobility needs and results in a comprehensive, customised solution. Your business benefits from its own fully managed CarSharing scheme, accessed and booked online, directly by your employees. Moving forward, you can analyse and optimise your fleet performance on an ongoing basis with your individual Alphabet reports.

Your solution in just a few easy steps


Efficient fleet mobility starts with a holistic evaluation of

your current mobility and fleet needs.


Building on the results of the analysis phase, we develop various mobility concepts – business case included – that are tailored specifically to your individual requirements.


Now it is time to implement the mobility concept of your choice.


You can continue to count on our in-depth expertise even after the implementation phase. With our individual Alphabet reports you can analyse and optimise your fleet performance on an ongoing basis.

Benefits at a glance

More efficiency, less costs

As an alternative to taxis and rental cars, AlphaCity CarSharing offers you the greatest savings potential. Alphabet oversees AlphaCity’s payment system and automatically allocates costs to the appropriate departments, giving you a clear, central overview of all mobility costs and minimising accounting efforts and administrative tasks. We also carry out all regular vehicle maintenance and cleaning – so you and your employees can focus on doing business.

More flexibility, less effort

AlphaCity helps you maximise vehicle utilisation rates by complementing business travel and commuting with private use in the evenings and on weekends. In addition, this CarSharing solution is a bespoke 'learning' system. Once you have defined your own booking times, pricing and optional extras, you can dynamically monitor usage patterns, finetune your processes and optimise fleet usage.

More fun, less emissions

More than just easy to use, AlphaCity features only the latest BMW and MINI cars with fuel-saving technology, including EfficientDynamics, to reduce your carbon footprint. AlphaCity cars also serve as an attractive employee incentive. At their own cost, employees can flexibly book a car outside of regular working hours. Income generated from private use fees is offset against leasing costs. This optimises the cars’ utilisation and helps your company recover a portion of the associated expenses, lowering the total cost of mobility (TCM).

For more information you can download the AlphaCity brochure here or explore the product in an easy and playful way here.

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