• Vehicle Ordering and Delivery

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Below you will find a list of FAQ on car ordering and delivery.

How does the ordering procedure work?

Alphabet places orders a vehicle at the supplier (dealer or manufacturer) on the basis of the Vehicle Order, compliant with the template attached to the agreement, signed by the Client.

Who is responsible for the preparation of the order?

Vehicle Order is prepared by Alphabet Polska on the basis of the offer accepted by the Client before the official ordering. When the car is ordered the execution date is specified.

When and how will the car be delivered to my fleet?

We agree on the details of the vehicle delivery with you once the car is registered and the supplier confirms the readiness to hand it over.

In most cases drivers collect their cars directly at specfic car dealership. You can arrange the collection at a preferred location and time by contacting us at: dostawa@alphabet.pl.

Can I choose the location of the delivery?

Unless otherwise stated in the agreement, the date and place of delivery are settled individually and the vehicle is delivered to the specified place.

Can the driver install additional equipment, e.g. CB radio, hands-free kit, tow hitch etc.?

It is acceptable to install additional equipment provided it is done without any damage to the vehicle. Once the lease contract ends such equipment (CB radio, hands-free kit etc.) ought to be removed without leaving permament traces. As for tow hitch, we require your approval before the installation since your company will be charged with the installation costs.

Upon the return the tow hitch ought to remain on the vehicle. The written approval should be sent to: serwis@alphabet.pl.