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3M - responsible mobility

The 3M company in Poland is one of Alphabet's long-time customers. During the 7 years of cooperation, Alphabet leased and handled almost 450 cars for 3M. Currently, the fleet comprises 239 vehicles.

However, the figures are not everything, or we should rather say that they are good for a start. 3M is one of the companies that have a very serious approach to their activities, in every respect, also as regards the car fleet. One of the company's hallmarks is definitely the policy to choose business cars based on specific CO2 emission reduction targets.

“Environmental protection issues are very high on our agenda. We address them both in our business activities and daily operations, including our business car fleet. At the moment, all our vehicles comply with the CO2 emission limits, ranging from 120 to 160 g/km. For many years Alphabet Polska has helped us to choose car models that are well suited for our operational needs and offer the best value for money in terms of both costs and carbon dioxide emissions. Every year 3M sets even more ambitious goals in this respect, setting standards for other road users. For instance, the carbon dioxide emission rate of our fleet will reach the limits from 100 to 140 g/km as early as 2015,” explains Witold Jóźwiak, Administration Director at 3M Poland.

Environmental protection has priority over other issues to be considered when the 3M business vehicles are chosen. But that is not all. Before hitting the road for the first time, each car in this exceptional fleet must meet several requirements related to additional equipment to increase the drivers' safety.

Hands-free kits and parking sensors, to name only few, are fitted as a standard feature in all newly ordered cars to reduce the loss ratio in the company's fleet and improve the drivers' safety.

This year Alphabet Polska has already supplied 27 new vehicles to 3M and there are at least half as many to be delivered by the end of the year.

About 3M in Poland

3M Poland Sp. z o.o. is a branch of the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing group. 3M has four production sites in Poland: in Janinowo near Grodzisk Mazowiecki, Rabka and two in Wrocław. It employs over 1700 persons. The company is headquartered in Kajetany near Warsaw. In June 2013 M3 opened a modern Customer Technical Centre at the 3M Research and Development Centre in Wrocław, where the company's technologies and solutions are presented. 3M Poland offers over 10,000 products in 5 business groups: Health Protection, Consumer Products, Visual Protection, Industry, Electronics and Energy. M3's previous investments in Poland reached almost USD 350 million.

For 20 years 3M Poland has contributed to the development of the Polish business and economy and received numerous awards such as "Best Company of Past Two Decades (1990-2010)", Pearl of Polish Economy 2012, Reliable Employer 2012 and Superbrand 2013.

For more details, please visit the website: www.3m.pl

Deloitte Polska and the 500,000th car in Alphabet's fleet

Alphabet has handled the Deloitte fleet since 2003, managing over 100 vehicles under full service lease contracts. In 2013 Alphabet officially handed over the 500,000th car in its fleet and the client who had ordered the historical car was Deloitte Polska.

The Deloitte Group has been an Alphabet customer for the past 12 years, which currently takes care of approximately 700 cars for 7 Deloitte branches in Europe. In February 2013 Alphabet officially handed over the keys to its 500,000th car during a press event in Munich.

“Our collaboration with Alphabet has been very good. We are especially impressed with the excellent communication with Alphabet consultants and the company’s flexibility and the timely manner in which they solve all arising fleet issues,” says Leszek Tokarski, Partner at Deloitte Polska. “Most notably, all drivers in our company can freely choose the make and model of their car up to a certain limit. Given the great variety of the cars resulting from the fleet policy applied, such flexibility is of great value to us. We are planning to continue our cooperation with Alphabet, which is currently the sole provider of all our fleet services.”

"Cooperation with Deloitte Polska embodies our company's commitment to be a business mobility provider offering all car makes," says Leszek Pomorski, CEO of Alphabet Polska. "Deloitte is a demanding client, who applies the user-chooser policy. Our multi-make offer combined with one of our major strengths, which is the quality of customer service, makes us perfectly suited to meet Deloitte's needs."

About Deloitte Polska

Deloitte PL is one of the leading consulting firms in Poland, providing professional services in six main areas: audit, tax advisory, consulting, risk management, financial and legal advisory through over 1000 experts from Poland and abroad.

Eiffage - French structures

In July 2012 Alphabet Polska started to provide vehicle fleet services to the Eiffage Group in Poland. Currently, 59 Alphabet cars are on the road for three companies: Eiffage Polska Budownictwo, Eiffage Polska Instalacje and Eiffage Polska Koleje. Eiffage Polska is part of the fourth largest construction and licence operator group in Europe.

The Eiffage Group operates in France, Benelux countries, Germany, Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Italy and UK, generating annual revenues of 13 billion EUR. Eiffage is known for many impressive structures built worldwide, such as the world's largest viaduct in Millau.

“We are a company with a very strong position in Europe, especially in France. Our main focus is on the widely understood construction, starting with airports, roads, bridges, residential and office buildings and ending with TGV high-speed railways. That is why we believe that French structures, designs and technical concepts are trustworthy. The same applies to our fleet. Our construction workers drive Peugeot Partner, Bipper and Boxer cars. The officers and managers chose Renault Laguna, Fluence, Megane and Peugeot 508," says Rafał Bernacki, Administration Expert at Eiffage Polska Budownictwo.

Despite of not having any French background, Alphabet Polska Fleet Management succeeded in convincing the Eiffage Group in Poland to use Alphabet Polska's services with a wide range of full service leasing and fleet management services offered. No less important were customer-tailored options and attractive prices for both leasing and maintenance and repair services.

About the Eiffage Group

Eiffage is the fourth largest construction group in Europe, specialising in construction and concessions. It completed a number of spectacular construction projects such as the Millau viaduct (the highest bridge worldwide), the Norscut motorway in Portugal, the Bale-Mulhouse airport in France, TGV high-speed railways in Belgium, France and Spain. The company has also recently completed the construction of the Lille sports stadium with 50,000 seats. Eiffage Polska Budownictwo SA, acting as the General Contractor for construction services, was established in 1988. In 2001 the company joined the French Eiffage construction group. Currently, Eiffage Polska Budownictwo belongs to a group of companies, which operate on the Polish market, offerring each other support and cooperating within the Eiffage Group.

The Eiffage Group employs over 70,000 persons and operates through five business lines: Eiffage Construction: general contracts for residential buildings, offices, public utility facilities, shopping malls; Eiffage Travaux Publics: engineering structures, roads, tunnels and bridges; Eiffage Energie: design, installation and maintennace of electrical and sanitary systems; Eiffage Constructions Métalliques: steel structures for construction industry; Eiffage Concessions: construction and management of road infrastructure.

Rehau - modern ecology

Rehau is one of the first companies that became Alphabet Polska's client just after the rebranding, at the beginning of 2012. Since then Rehau has leased over 36 cars and this number is expected to increase this year.

At the end of 2011 Rehau decided to choose Alphabet Polska Fleet Management as its service provider.

"A great incentive to choose Alphabet Polska were attractive prices and the guaranteed top quality of customer service and repair and maintenance services," says Bogusława Kulpińska, who is in charge of the car fleet management at Rehau.

Rehau has found a very interesting and innovative way to increase the environmental awareness of its employees. The car fleet policy stipulates that the lower the CO2 emission rate for a given car, the higher the monthly limit assigned to such car at the time of selection.

Up to date, the Rehau car fleet managed by Alphabet mostly comprised Skoda cars for sales representatives, however, this year a luxury A6 Audi car will be added to the fleet.

About Rehau

REHAU is a leading supplier of polymer products and systems for construction, automotive and industrial sectors.