Alphabet Polska - company's history


The fleet of Alphabet in Europe exceeded 500.000 cars. The milestone car was presented to the Polish subsidiary of Deloitte Group, a loyal Alphabet customer.


Alphabet Polska's headquarters in Warsaw relocated from the office building at Pl. Trzech Krzyży which had been shared with other ING companies. The new main office is located in the Mokotow district, Warsaw.


Alphabet merged with ING Car Lease. As a result of the transaction the company changed its name to Alphabet Polska Fleet Management Sp. z o. o.


Changes in The ING Car Lease Polska Management Board: Leszek Pomorski is nominated to the position of General Manager.


Intraduction of innovative service - Safety Program - offering analysys of damages and prevension programme including the unique trainnig of safety and eco driving

The company was awarded with ISO 9001:2000 certifcate for the next 3 years


ING Car Lease Polska maintains ISO Quality Certficate after the DNV Company audit.

Leszek Pomorski became a President of Polish Car Leasing Association.

Leszek Pomorski, company's Marketing and Sales Director was assigned to be Vicepresident of ING Car Lease Polska.

Bogdan Przepiórka, company's Finance and Administration Director became Vicepresident of ING Car Lease Polska.


The company's portfolio grew up to over 5 000 cars!


Client’s satisfaction survey confirmed very high notes for ING Car Lease service.

ING Car Lease was among the founders of Polish Car Leasing Association. Leszek Pomorski is the Board Member of the Association.

The company’s fast growth trend was kept on level of 30% year to year, what means that ING Car Lease pace of growth is again half as fast as Car Fleet Management market’s.


As the result of highest quality of service, ING Car Lease was granted with ISO 9000:2001 Quality Certificate, as the first CFM company in Poland.

At the end of year, “Gazeta Finansowa” awarded ING Car Lease for "The best leasing product for Mid Corporates".

The year was finished with result of over 3 000 cars in car fleet management.


Integrated operations with ING Lease. Krzysztof Bielecki became common General Manager for both companies and Bogdan Przepiórka common Director of Finance and Administration. Leszek Pomorski was promoted to the Member of the Board position. This Board manages the company until now.

Dynamics of portfolio growth reached level of 44%, what meant 2 200 cars on road at the end of the year.


The Company is developing. New Commercial Director is Leszek Pomorski.

Year was ended with impressive result of over 1 000 cars in management.


Establishment of ING Car Lease Polska. An operational start-up.