Alphabet celebrates one great year

Alphabet has been present in the Polish CFM market for one year. After 10 years in business as ING Car Lease and successful integration with the BMW Group, the company officially rebranded to Alphabet Polska Fleet Management.

Alphabet is one of the top 4 providers of business mobility in Europe. As such it is represented in 19 countries and has nearly 500, 000 cars under contract. Founded in 1997 as a fleet management division of the BMW Group, Alphabet has been present in Poland since the acquisition of all European subsidiaries of ING Car Lease in 2011. Due to the fact that Alphabet had not been represented in Poland prior to the transaction, the transition process meant rebranding the ING Car Lease structures and a fresh start of operations under the new name Alphabet Polska Fleet Management in January 2012.

12 intensive months

For employees of Alphabet Poland last year was full of changes, development and ambitious goal-setting. It was also the period of stable growth and far-reaching marketing campaign which aimed at building brand awareness in the market and among customers.

"Since the very beginning of the acquisition process we focused primarily on assuring our customers that high quality standards had remained our top priority. During this crucial period we chose sustainable development over the strategy of rapid growth. The merger went exceptionally smoothly thanks to similar values prevailing in both companies involved, such as the innovative approach to business mobility management and excellent organizational culture." says Leszek Pomorski, CEO of Alphabet Polska Fleet Management. "Since we became part of the BMW Group we capitalized on our multi-make offer and openness towards other brands. The merger enabled us to expand our business and create wider range of comprehensive services by sourcing business cars of all makes available in the Polish market." Today, Alphabet Poland is ranked 4th in Poland and manages over 11,000 vehicles.

Future plans and goals

Our priority for the upcoming years is to implement flexible solutions, tailor-made according to individual customer needs. What is our main objective? To continuously strengthen our market position.

“We will work toward rapid development and quality customer service. We want to be regarded as an innovative mobility provider that offers clever and progressive solutions. Our objective is to provide a-level services that require maturity and experience which we undeniably have. To sum up, stable growth, setting standards in service quality and consultancy – these are the most crucial goals for Alphabet.” says Leszek Pomorski, CEO of Alphabet Polska Fleet Management.

Lately we have observed a gradually changing approach to the business model based on company fleet ownership as SME entrepreneurs can now substantially benefit from fleet outsourcing.

"We see great potential in the SME sector. We have also witnessed increased interest in the long term rental offer among small and medium-sized businesses. In line with the current state of the market, the growing importance of leasing and long term rental services has been triggered by companies seeking both fleet cost optimization and risk minimization. By the end of 2012 almost 150,000 cars travelling on Polish roads were leased, which adds up to 4 % of CFM market saturation. According to Keralla Search Insitute, the number of vehicles that can be outsourced is estimated at 500,000. Despite the fact that time horizon for attaining such a number cannot be specified, the estimate allows CFM companies to anticipate bright future." concludes Leszek Pomorski, CEO of Alphabet Polska Fleet Management.

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