• AlphaGuide


The AlphaGuide application offers electronic guidance, assistance and advice for drivers. All in one.

Android app on Google Play

It gives all the information you need to contact Alphabet Polska and offers a set of useful tools to assist the fleet driver in emergency and everyday situations.

Below you will find a list of AlphaGuide features, each with a brief description.


List of phone numbers to Alphabet's specific departments: reception desk, Alphabet Assistance, technical department.

Service Partner Search

Special locator that helps you to find the nearest approved repair workshop, fuel station or EV recharging point (along with the number of sockets available).

In an Accident

Section with instructions on what to do when in an accident. You can, for instance, call the police, get medical assistance and contact Alphabet Assistance. We also added a special damage report form to help you gather all important information about the accident.

Other Problems on the Road

Overview of most common problems encountered on the road along with a list of contacts at Alphabet. In this section you can quickly and easily find contact details needed in case of vehicle theft, loss of documents or keys, car crash or other motor insurance claims. You can also fill in an electronic damage report form and add pictures to it.

For your Convenience

This section contains, among other things, a list of FAQs and information about products and services offered by Alphabet. It also provides guidance on how to prepare for a journey abroad and a list of necessary car equipment. Another useful feature is a vehicle inspection and tyre replacement calendar and an option to request permission to take your company car abroad.

End of Contract

In this section you can find a special list of items that may generate additional costs when the vehicle is returned. It also features an option to check the vehicle buyout price and set a reminder on the approaching contract end date.

The application is available for all Android devices, in two language versions: English and Polish.