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Alphabet implements a CO2 compensation program

Alphabet wdraża program kompensacji emisji CO2

Avoidance, reduction and compensation are the three basic assumptions of the new Alphabet program, which aims to enable customers to reduce CO2 emissions in their fleets. In cooperation with First Climate, Alphabet now provides this opportunity throughout Europe.

Responsible approach to ecological aspects of running a business over the years has become one of the inherent elements of the activities of most companies. Alphabet joins the group of business solution providers who not only internally care about their impact on the natural environment, they also facilitate this task for their clients.

Customers have the opportunity to avoid CO2 emissions by integrating electric vehicles into their fleets of as part of the AlphaElectric service. The next step enables CO2 reduction through the process of consulting fleet policies, in particular in the field of proper selection of company cars and eco-driving courses. Now, with the establishment of international cooperation with First Climate, Alphabet also allows its clients to compensate for carbon dioxide emissions.

The customer can purchase a certificate confirming the support of projects contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. The entire income from these certificates is allocated by First Climate to the implementation of selected pro-ecological initiatives. The cost of such compensation is only about 1 percent. fleet expenses for fuel.

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