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Alphabet Nederland B.V. Privacy Statement


This Privacy Statement describes how Alphabet Nederland B.V., hereafter referred to as ‘Alphabet’, handles personal data. Alphabet processes the personal data of a natural person who is a potential or current customer and of a natural person who is an employee, director or representative of a potential or current customer. Alphabet also processes the data of each visitor to Alphabet's websites. A natural person is hereafter referred to as a ‘Customer’ in the singular and ‘Customers’ in the plural.

Alphabet has registered its processing of personal data with the Dutch Data Protection Authority. The register can be consulted via

Personal Data Protection Act

Alphabet attaches great importance to the protection of privacy and the security of personal data and complies at all times with the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act, hereafter referred to as the ‘WBP’.

Purpose of data processing

Alphabet uses the personal data of a Customer solely in order to perform its services. Alphabet has established the following purposes:

  • To assess and accept a Customer, enter into and perform a contract and handle payments for the rent or lease of movable property;
  • To perform a related service for the rent or lease of movable property;
  • To provide information, including to perform analyses for statistical and scientific purposes, product development and management reports;
  • To perform marketing activities in order to establish or manage a relationship;
  • To comply with legal duties.

Exchange of personal data

Alphabet is part of the BMW Group. The personal data of a Customer of Alphabet can also be processed for and by a company affiliated with BMW AG. A Customer can be contacted with regard to the product or service offering of another company within the BMW Group, provided the Customer has granted permission to this end.

Certain third parties perform activities for Alphabet. This includes the hosting of Alphabet's website. These third parties may have access to a Customer's personal data if this is required for the performance of the third parties’ activities. In this case, Alphabet has taken contractual measures to ensure that a Customer's personal data is always handled in a confidential manner. Alphabet does not supply personal data to a third party without a Customer's consent unless under a legal obligation to do so.

Telephone conversations and electronic communication

Alphabet may record a telephone conversation and store electronic communications. Alphabet has established the following purposes of recording a telephone conversation (1 and 2) and processing electronic communication (3 and 4):

  1. To evaluate service quality;
  2. For training, coaching and assessment;
  3. To collect evidence in the event of a dispute;
  4. To investigate and detect a crime.

Alphabet may supply electronic communication to the government or the department within the BMW Group that is tasked with safety affairs or an officer tasked with business regulations compliance.


Alphabet's electronic services use cookies. A cookie is a small piece of data that is sent from an Alphabet website to a site visitor's computer hard drive, tablet or smartphone. Cookies are only sent to a visitor to an Alphabet website. Alphabet uses cookies to ensure that a website functions properly and to gather anonymous statistical information. This helps to improve the user-friendliness of a website. Alphabet uses functional cookies and tracking cookies, the latter of which collect personal data. A visitor to an Alphabet website is deemed to have agreed to Alphabet's use of functional cookies. We will only use tracking cookies or cookies that collect personal data if a visitor to the site has given their explicit permission.

Cookies can be disabled in the browser's settings. The consequences of disabling a cookie are as follows:

  • Personal settings will not be saved.
  • Buttons to access social media channels will not be displayed.
  • The website may not function properly.

This Privacy Statement does not apply to a hyperlinked third-party website on an Alphabet website. Alphabet cannot guarantee that a third party will handle a visitor's data securely and therefore urges visitors to read a third-party website's privacy statement prior to browsing it.

Access and correction

A Customer may receive a list of the personal data that Alphabet has processed. This list may be requested by sending a letter to:

Alphabet Nederland B.V.
attn. Sales Support Department
Postbus 6890
4802 HW Breda, the Netherlands

This letter must be accompanied by a copy of a legal and valid proof of identity.

Right to object

A Customer can state that they do not wish to receive personal or impersonal commercial or other information about products and services. A Customer can also object to the processing of their personal data by sending a letter or e-mail to:

Alphabet Nederland B.V.
attn. Sales Support Department
Postbus 6890
4802 HW Breda, the Netherlands


with ‘WBP/right to object’ in the subject line. Alphabet will contact a Customer as soon as possible regarding the status of their request. If a request is only partially granted, Alphabet will provide an explanation as to why this is the case.


Alphabet may change this Privacy Statement (latest version: 3 March 2016). This Privacy Statement should be consulted regularly, especially if Alphabet has received personal data.

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