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Statement COVID-19 Alphabet | Nederland

Alphabet closely monitors developments surrounding the Coronavirus in order to safeguard the health of the employees and the quality of services. In order to prevent the virus from spreading, a special team conducts daily consultations to assess the current situation and make adjustments as necessary. Alphabet has implemented additional measures. These apply to our own employees and to customers and suppliers who visit an Alphabet branch. Alphabet complies in all cases with the guidelines issued by BMW Group and those issued by the National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection (RIVM). In the event RIVM issues stricter advice, because it is more relevant to the Netherlands, such advice is followed. In the event these guidelines provide insufficient clarity, it will be assessed per situation what would be an appropriate measure and it is discussed with the employee concerned.

Internal working arrangements

The Business Continuity Plan is in effect for the Alphabet head office. In order to spread the risk and guarantee business continuity and services, all employees will be working from home as from 16 March, with the exception of minimum emergency staffing levels. An exception also applies to those whose activities cannot be performed remotely. Visitors entering and leaving branches and physical consultation between colleagues from different branches are not allowed. Deviations from the above are only possible in cases of absolute need and with strict observance of the guidelines. Email, telephone and Skype must be used as much as possible. Scheduled business trips and appointments with colleagues from abroad are postponed in order to minimise the risk of infection. 

External contact

The reception desks of the offices have been instructed to ask when receiving visitors whether they have recently been in contact with Corona patients and/or have visited a high-risk area. They may be denied access to the office on the basis thereof. The local AlphaRent branches and Logistics have been staffed subject to very strict guidelines so that daily operations may continue. The Alphabet Occasions locations are closed to the public and can only be visited by appointment for deliveries and/or test drives. All other transactions will take place online. Personal appointments with customers and suppliers that have already been scheduled have been converted to a Skype call or cancelled. As an optimal precaution, it is not allowed to visit or receive customers and suppliers. The telephone and Skype must be used for meetings and consultations.


Additional disinfecting agents have been made available in different locations at all branches and employees are reminded to wash their hands more often and regularly by means of signs. The restaurant is closed. Reusing coffee cups is discouraged as well. We do not shake hands and, in a general sense, physical contact is discouraged.


Employees are informed daily of the current status by means of a special information page on intranet, a newsletter and by email. Every morning, each department/team starts the day with a Skype meeting to guarantee progress, commitment and mutual communication.

In conclusion

Waiting and processing times may be longer than you are used to from us as a result of the measures that have been implemented. Although we will make every effort to guarantee the quality of our services, the protection and health of our employees and our clients are our primary concern. Alphabet monitors current development on a daily basis and follows the RIVM guidelines.