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Ordering a new leasecar

Happy browsing! You will be glad to hear that you can select a new lease car. Fleet Agent is the easy way of putting together a new lease-car package, calculating the lease rate and ordering your new car. As Alphabet is brand-independent, you can calculate for all cars that are allowed under your employer's car scheme.

Delivery of new leased vehicle

Vehicle registration certificate

As of 1 January 2014, if you are a lease driver, you will no longer receive a vehicle registration certificate when your new leased vehicle is delivered. Instead, you will receive the new vehicle registration certificate in credit card format by post at your home address within five working days, unless your employer has made other arrangements with Alphabet. It is therefore important that Alphabet has your correct address details.

After delivery of your leased vehicle, you will not therefore have a vehicle registration certificate for some days. In the Netherlands, this is no problem, because the police can immediately see that the car has been delivered recently. When travelling abroad, however, this could cause problems. In this case, we advise you to contact Alphabet prior to delivery of the car.

If you have not received the vehicle registration certificate within five working days, please send an e-mail to

Welcome pack

Besides the vehicle registration certificate, you will also receive the welcome pack by post separately within a few working days. This contains:

  • Contact information
  • Service card and/or fuel card
  • Claim form with return envelope
  • Green card (if your car is insured by Alphabet)
  • Damage check card